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    12= A KibiTicket by 2013 =
    56Our shorthand for "A KibiTicket by 2013" is '''KiT×2013'''.
     8== status and timeline ==
    710We started with about 1850 tickets in a new/assigned state on November 3rd.  With 59 days until the calendar year ends, this requires us to close on average  14 tickets per day -- all while continuing to deal promptly and effectively with incoming tickets.
    9 If you want to help, some tickets that are likely candidates for cleanup are [/query?status=new&changetime=..6%20months%20ago&col=id&col=summary&col=changetime&col=status&col=owner&col=time&order=changetime&priority=!Low all those tickets priority Medium or Higher that were last touched over 6 months ago that are still in the "new" state].
     12== Likely Candidates for Triage ==
     14If you want to help, here are some tickets that are likely candidates for cleanup:
     16 * [query:?status=new&changetime=..6+months+ago&col=id&col=summary&col=changetime&col=status&col=owner&col=time&order=changetime&priority=!Low tickets of priority Medium or higher that were last touched over 6 months ago that are still in the "new" state].
    1118Some examples of tickets that can probably be closed with a brief message are:
    3441Use your judgment, and feel free to raise concerns on [ the support-team list].
     43== Best Practices ==
     45=== Acknowledge and Apologize for Abandoned Tickets ===
     47It's sad, but some tickets never got a proper response at all.  We should be forthright about these failures, and apologize for having left them for so long.  A good rule of thumb is to think of the message you write as you triage the ticket as a brief e-mail to the person who reported it.  If you got an e-mail about a problem reported 4 years ago, you'd want to see at least a brief acknowledgment that the time lag is absurd.  And an apology doesn't hurt here.
     49=== Cleanup Keywords ===
     51As you're triaging a ticket, go ahead and scan the keywords field.  Try to normalize the keywords into a space-separated list of the relevant terms.  Take a quick search for other similar tickets to see what their keywords look like if you're not sure what's plausible.  This isn't terribly important, and your time will be better spent closing other tickets.  Once you've closed a dozen or two, you'll have a pretty decent sense of what sort of keywords are reasonable.