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    77We started with about 1850 tickets in a new/assigned state on November 3rd.  With 59 days until the calendar year ends, this requires us to close on average  14 tickets per day -- all while continuing to deal promptly and effectively with incoming tickets.
     9If you want to help, some tickets that are likely candidates for cleanup are [/query?status=new&changetime=..01%2F01%2F12&col=id&col=summary&col=changetime&col=status&col=owner&col=time&order=changetime&priority=!Low all those tickets priority Medium or Higher that were modified before 2012 that are still in the "new" state].
     11Some examples of tickets that can probably be closed with a brief message are:
     13 * old tickets that describe urgent/acute issues which have been
     14   resolved.
     16 * old tickets which concern a defunct membership.
     18Some examples of tickets that can be placed in the "feedback" state are:
     20 * a ticket where a suggestion was made by that might resolve the
     21   issue, but the reporter has not responded or provided evidence that
     22   they've tried the suggestion.
     24 * a recent ticket that reports a problem which does not appear to be
     25   replicable.
     27Another helpful way to find tickets that can be closed is consolidation:
     29 * find a bunch of tickets that are all in reference to the same 
     30   underlying issue.  choose a particularly-representative one, (or
     31   write up a new ticket with a nice clear summary), and close all the
     32   rest with a reference to the representative ticket.
     34Use your judgment, and feel free to raise concerns on [ the support-team list].