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Jun 20, 2019:

2:46 PM Ticket #14801 (Warning after CiviCRM Upgrade to 5.14.0.) closed by Nathan Craig
1:44 PM Ticket #14811 (XMPP Certificate Expired) closed by Jamie McClelland
fixed: Fixed - and I updated #14544 to ensure this does not happen again.

Jun 19, 2019:

12:58 PM Ticket #14811 (XMPP Certificate Expired) created by jorge.benet
Hola Solo para avisarles que venció el certificado para el chat. …

Jun 17, 2019:

10:31 PM faq/backup-setup edited by Enrique Rosas
12:22 PM Ticket #8324 (control panel - inconsistent behavior for password entry) closed by JaimeV
12:22 PM Ticket #14356 (How are drupal updates handled?) closed by JaimeV
12:20 PM Ticket #14351 (Can't find field for alias) closed by JaimeV
12:19 PM Ticket #10278 (New version of wordpress anti-spam plugin announced) closed by JaimeV
fixed: These days enabling the default Akismet plugin is probably a good …
12:13 PM Ticket #8361 (How do you configure drupal and mediawiki for bilingual sites) closed by JaimeV
12:12 PM Ticket #8323 (control panel - inconsistent behavior for server and hosting order access) closed by JaimeV
wontfix: I think this was created this way because you can give any member user …
12:08 PM Ticket #8322 (control panel - web application shows version before ap is selected) closed by JaimeV
wontfix: Drupal 7 is the only version we will install automatically at the moment.
12:06 PM Ticket #8278 (RFC: Drupal vs WordPress - Pro/Con Considerations) closed by JaimeV
12:06 PM Ticket #8252 (After initial attempt error, deleting hosting order fails to remove ...) closed by JaimeV
wontfix: I think leaving the directories is still the default behavior. The way …
12:02 PM Ticket #8251 (Creating hosting order fails if uppercase chars are used for Login name) closed by JaimeV
fixed: The new default behavior is to automatically reduce to lowercase.
11:31 AM Ticket #14804 (VOTING CLOSED before deadline!) closed by HistoriCUSS
9:47 AM Ticket #14804 (VOTING CLOSED before deadline!) created by HistoriCUSS
The voting announcement was: As of Tuesday, June 11, the voting period …

Jun 15, 2019:

1:12 PM funding edited by alfredo

Jun 14, 2019:

5:29 PM funding created by alfredo

Jun 13, 2019:

5:29 PM Ticket #14801 (Warning after CiviCRM Upgrade to 5.14.0.) created by Nathan Craig
Hi, After upgrading CiviCRM to 5.14.0., I am getting the following …
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