Apr 13, 2018:

3:56 PM Ticket #13623 (whitelist domain request) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/kwarner
Hello, Can you whitelist the domain lipmanfamilyfarms.com for us? …
3:06 PM Ticket #13620 (add new badbot) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
fixed: Ah - that makes sense. Just added to puppet.
10:29 AM Ticket #13622 (Support setting up Nextcould for GGJ) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/sha
I just heard from other mayfirst members that part of our membership …
9:55 AM Ticket #13621 (installing captcha type field on our contact page) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/sha
We've been getting spambots attacking our contact page on the GGJ …
12:59 AM email-deliverability edited by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
12:59 AM nagios edited by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev

Apr 12, 2018:

8:38 PM Ticket #13620 (add new badbot) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
I banned the IP address of a bot identified in the logs as: "MauiBot …
3:53 PM nextcloud-admin edited by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
1:05 PM Ticket #13619 (Collabora via NextCloud isn't working) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamila
I am attempting to open documents on share.mayfirst.org for editing, …
12:31 PM web-conference edited by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie

Apr 11, 2018:

2:11 PM Ticket #13617 (DNS not propogating for palantetech.coop/palantetech.com) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
See #13618
2:10 PM Ticket #13618 (better DNS validation) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
The node code for DNS updates should run kzonecheck against the …
1:44 PM Ticket #13617 (DNS not propogating for palantetech.coop/palantetech.com) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jessie
Hey There folks, We noticed some DNS records we added a few hours …
10:39 AM Ticket #13592 (Increase storage size for Denver DSA) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
10:18 AM Ticket #13616 (Account being spammed by "New subscription requests") created by https://id.mayfirst.org/blederer
The spamming started up again on April 5. There have now been hundreds …
12:00 AM Ticket #11447 (transfer of all servers to the Telehouse) closed by automatic
No news is good news (we hope)! Given the lack of feedback, we think …
12:00 AM Ticket #7073 (mailman personalize settings) closed by automatic
No news is good news (we hope)! Given the lack of feedback, we think …

Apr 10, 2018:

10:33 PM Ticket #13586 (Is MediaWiki still available?) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/clayton
fixed: Great, thanks for the info and if we end up installing it we'll be …
3:05 PM Ticket #13615 (fail2ban modification made - need to make whitelist change permanent) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/wolcen
Hi, I see that the whitelisted IPs are re-applied by …
9:54 AM Ticket #13614 (compromised site on daza) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
fixed: The member has been notified and the site disabled.
9:15 AM Ticket #13614 (compromised site on daza) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
User running econexus.info was sending loads of spam - thousands in mailq.
8:17 AM Ticket #13613 (deeperthanwater.org intermittently down) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/liberationhealth
Hello, I'm not sure what's happening because it keeps timing out as I …
12:00 AM Ticket #13573 (Estadísitcas) closed by automatic
No news is good news (we hope)! Given the lack of feedback, we think …

Apr 9, 2018:

4:27 PM Ticket #13611 (Increasing max upload filesize) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/hic-al
Hello! I have a Wordpress site, and need to enable uploads up to …
3:58 PM Ticket #13335 (Enable clean URLs on APACHE server stokely?) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/leftforum
3:56 PM Ticket #13547 (New Development site http://devd7.leftforum.org/ is down) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/leftforum
3:55 PM Ticket #13206 (Drupal security update error "specified file temporary could not be ...) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/leftforum
3:55 PM Ticket #13276 (CiviCRM: not able to create a new email) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/leftforum
3:23 PM Ticket #13609 (Share.mayfirst.org HTST header issue) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/wolcen
Looks good! I originally came across this given failure to share a …
1:14 PM Ticket #13610 (Transfer of Domain Name) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/cvh
Hello we are redoing our website using square space and need to …
12:32 PM Ticket #13609 (Share.mayfirst.org HTST header issue) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/wolcen
Requests received from share.mayfirst.org have a HTTP-header for …

Apr 8, 2018:

2:27 PM Ticket #13608 (Sitios alojados en rose fuera de línea!) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
12:37 PM Ticket #13608 (Sitios alojados en rose fuera de línea!) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/p4b10
Varios de los sitios alojados en rose no están en servicio. Sitios …

Apr 6, 2018:

8:15 PM Ticket #13606 (Please install Composer for conference.leftforum,org) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/leftforum
Hello, according to this comment …
6:59 PM Ticket #13605 (email no longer working) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/commongoodcityfarm
Had a failed transition to gmail, restored DNS to previous state but …
4:42 PM Ticket #13604 (multiple performance issues with nextcloud) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
fixed: Everything is set up again. It seems I had to login as mfpl-admin to …
3:47 PM Ticket #13604 (multiple performance issues with nextcloud) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
I noticed a massive disk/io spike on wiwa affecting multiple guests. …
10:30 AM Ticket #13571 (Help with Site) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/gvshp
fixed: Thanks for the scan and scripts. I got the same results with the …
10:18 AM Ticket #13602 (Updating Wordpress - file owner change?) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/kwarner
fixed: Thank you! We were able to update Wordpress after those changes. And …
12:00 AM Ticket #13545 (sitio web fuera de su alojamiento) closed by automatic
No news is good news (we hope)! Given the lack of feedback, we think …
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