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Jan 17, 2018:

11:25 PM Ticket #13391 (Adding https to a subdomain) created by Zach
Hello, I'm having trouble adding https to a subdomain …
11:19 PM Ticket #13390 (Catch all email address/account?) created by Zach
Hello! Is there any way to set up a catch-all email address or …
8:32 PM Ticket #13389 (​can't find pulldown menu at http://members.mayfirst.org/cp to create ...) created by Bay Resistance
trying to create new mailbox.
12:39 PM Ticket #13383 (OAuth access to MayFirst OpenIDs) closed by Luigi Bai
duplicate: Thanks, I think this can be closed. I commented on #13224 about the …
12:04 PM Ticket #13388 (therowboat.com forwarding) created by Nathan Schneider
Greetings. I keep getting spammy marketing emails from companies that …
11:12 AM Ticket #13387 (Deflect edge IPs being blocked?) closed by Dan Staples
fixed: Jamie indicated this has been fixed, and the sites appear to all be …
11:08 AM Ticket #13380 (please install php5-imagick on ella) closed by JaimeV
11:03 AM Ticket #13387 (Deflect edge IPs being blocked?) created by Dan Staples
I'm having several sites we have behind Deflect that are hosted on Roe …
10:41 AM Ticket #13386 (Waging Nonviolence site is down) closed by JaimeV
9:25 AM Ticket #13386 (Waging Nonviolence site is down) created by Waging Nonviolence
Currently, when you try to load Waging Nonviolence it says "502 Bad …
4:20 AM Ticket #13384 (site is down) created by IMEMC Admin
the site (imemc.org ) has, for the last hour, been displaying "Could …

Jan 16, 2018:

10:05 PM Ticket #13383 (OAuth access to MayFirst OpenIDs) created by Luigi Bai
I'd like to configure my Drupal instance to authenticate against, …
10:02 PM Ticket #13382 (Need hosting for chat server: MatterMost or Rocket.Chat) created by Luigi Bai
Hi, how might we run an instance of MatterMost or Rocket.Chat on a …
9:11 PM Ticket #13381 (can't find malware, but google is reporting malware) created by Edwin Mayorga
Hi Mayfirst & Friends, our site: nycore.org is reported to have …
9:05 PM Ticket #13380 (please install php5-imagick on ella) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/kosa
hi there! we are working on a civicrm instance for el Rancho …
8:31 PM Ticket #13379 (Whitelist IP for Monitoring) created by Kevin Cristiano
Could you please whitelist the monitor IP address you're assigned to …
4:50 PM Ticket #13378 (mayfirst.org should have 4 ns records) created by Daniel Kahn Gillmor
the glue records served by the parent zone (.org) and visible through …
3:49 PM Ticket #13377 (tech support assistance) closed by JaimeV
duplicate: Lets follow up in ticket #13376
2:24 PM Ticket #13377 (tech support assistance) created by Sonja Shield
Can you provide approval for user tadpolelssa to access (write) …
2:19 PM Ticket #13376 (Unable for new user to access Document root) created by Kevin Cristiano
We added a new user tadpolelssa That user needs access to work on the …

Jan 15, 2018:

11:01 PM Ticket #13375 (Help attaching another domain name to site) created by mark cooley
Hi. I've been trying but pulling my hair out. I've had flawedart.net …
10:18 PM Ticket #13374 (XMPP certificate) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/martin.s
The certificate on the XMPP server has expired last sunday, please …

Jan 14, 2018:

11:14 AM Ticket #13373 (Roundcube Upgrade (v1.3.6)) created by Steve Revilak
There's a new roundcube release. We should upgrade. […]

Jan 13, 2018:

5:29 PM Ticket #13372 (Re How to pay bill; how to see when bill is due etc) created by Jeff Morey
Hi, I believe our webhosting bill is due in early Feb. I logged on to …
12:41 PM Ticket #13352 (Need help installing Moodle) closed by Liz Mestres
fixed: Thanks, that did it!
5:41 AM Ticket #13371 (I can send emails with Horde but not with Roundcube. How do I fix this?) created by Deji Folarin
Hi, I successfully sent an email with Horde to a gmail address but …

Jan 12, 2018:

7:14 PM Ticket #13370 (New to this, need guidance.) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/brfctest
Hello support! Apologies in advance for this ticket, as this is going …
2:26 PM Ticket #13353 (Site down) closed by Liz Mestres
1:37 PM Ticket #10731 (Tracking Web Site Analytics for Client) closed by JaimeV
fixed: To close this ticket out I've confirmed that awstats is still running …
1:07 PM Ticket #13369 (get piwik/matomo working with drupal site) created by Doug McCabe
Can we revisit this Ticket https://support.mayfirst.org/ticket/10731
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Jan 11, 2018:

8:07 PM Ticket #13364 (ensure postgres is not installed by default on all moshes) closed by JaimeV
fixed: I've now purged postgres from all moshes that aren't making use of it.
7:41 PM Ticket #13368 (Mobile Login) created by Douglas Grannan
Hi, I am having issues viewing my emails on my mobile. My provider is …
5:22 PM Ticket #13367 (officially terminate the MF/PL Certificate Authority) created by Daniel Kahn Gillmor
[wiki:faq/security/mfpl-certificate-authority the MF/PL Certificate …
2:05 PM Ticket #13366 (My site is getting too slow) closed by JaimeV
fixed: I think it is worth trying the nginx cache option before upgrading to …
1:49 PM Ticket #11583 (upgrade postgres on all moshes) closed by JaimeV
fixed: This is done now. Postgres has been upgraded to 9.4 on all moshes and …
1:47 PM Ticket #13366 (My site is getting too slow) created by Charon
Hi! My site https://voyager1.net is getting too slow everyday, so slow …
12:07 PM Ticket #13365 (Can get to admin of Word Press) created by David Swanson
http://worldbeyondwar.org is working fine But I cannot get to …
11:26 AM Ticket #13364 (ensure postgres is not installed by default on all moshes) created by JaimeV
Go through all moshes and find those that are actually using postgres. …
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Jan 10, 2018:

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