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Jul 29, 2016:

8:20 PM Ticket #11980 (python3-yaml debian package on ossie) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/gripuqam
I would love to use the python3-yaml on ossie would it …
3:23 PM Ticket #11979 (Change Rescuse Email) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/fierce
Hello, The password reset link goes to a former staff members emails …
10:24 AM Ticket #11978 (Site down) closed by JaimeV
duplicate: Yes this is related to #11889. I would be happy to hear your …
9:57 AM Ticket #11978 (Site down) created by Jennifer Tong
jubileeusa.org is down (together with our server at …

Jul 28, 2016:

3:35 PM Ticket #11977 (How to increase wordpress max image file size?) created by mark cooley
Greetings. I'm trying to figure out how to increase the file size …
2:15 PM Ticket #11975 (URGENT: worldbeyondwar.org down AGAIN and needed urgently) closed by JaimeV
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #11971. We are following up there.
1:17 PM Ticket #11976 (owncloud) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/rema
como podríamos abrir un espacio owncloud para subir material desde …
12:02 PM Ticket #11961 (WarIsACrime.org is gone) closed by Jamie McClelland
duplicate: Superceded by #11971
9:31 AM Ticket #11975 (URGENT: worldbeyondwar.org down AGAIN and needed urgently) created by dswanson
URGENT: worldbeyondwar.org down AGAIN and needed urgently
7:16 AM Ticket #11974 (Increase MySQL packet size on server) created by dawood
Greetings, This problem - “MySQL server has gone away” - happens on …

Jul 27, 2016:

9:07 PM Ticket #11553 (social.mayfirst.org repair) closed by Steve Revilak
9:05 PM Ticket #11750 (Changing roundcube identity doesn't stick) closed by Steve Revilak
fixed: Jamie found the problem in ticket:11299#comment:21. He disabled the …
8:56 PM Ticket #11972 (Performance problems on rose.mayfirst.org (I/O bound)) created by Steve Revilak
I've been noticing website performance problems on rose.mayfirst.org …
4:27 PM Ticket #11971 (websites gone again) created by dswanson
worldbeyondwar.org warisacrime.org hillaryisaneocon.com all gone
11:51 AM Ticket #11970 (Issues with email account) created by Andrea "Andy" Durojaiye
I am not able to reply or send from my account. I keep receiving a …
8:50 AM Ticket #11969 (Interoccupy.net is Down) created by Jackie Splain
Hi - IO is down. At least since last night. Jackie Internal Server …

Jul 26, 2016:

10:49 AM Ticket #11967 (A mail redirection to a hotmail address is blocked on ossie) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/gripuqam
I just received this error message. […]
10:20 AM Ticket #11949 (Cannot Strean to Multiple mount points simultaneously.) closed by Meghan Babin
fixed: Hi! Yes it was. Thank you! You can close this ticket now.
6:32 AM Ticket #11965 (PHPmyAdmin access permissions problems) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/michaeldeas
Hiya, This launch is turning out to be a bit tricky - thanks for all …

Jul 25, 2016:

7:28 PM Ticket #11955 (problem with creating sub-domains on Red) closed by JaimeV
fixed: I believe this is resolved. Feel free to reopen if you have any more …
7:06 PM Ticket #11931 (database error on IMEMC site) closed by JaimeV
fixed: I believe this issue is resolved now. If you have any additional …
6:14 PM Ticket #11964 (Help with getting list emails (leslie) working again with our MX records) created by Fellowship of Reconciliation
Hi, As you may have seen in previous tickets, we recently switched …
6:13 PM Ticket #11915 (instalar moodle) closed by JaimeV
fixed: Creo que este incidente se ha resuelto. Puedes volver abrirlo si …
6:07 PM Ticket #11907 (Setting up IceCast server and setting up Mountpoints) closed by JaimeV
fixed: I believe this ticket has been resolved. Please reopen if you need any …
5:44 PM Ticket #11812 (buildthewheel.org runaway backups) closed by JaimeV
fixed: The above mentioned folder and module continued to accumulate files. …
5:26 PM Ticket #11423 (problemas con acceso cetlalic.org.mx) closed by JaimeV
fixed: El proceso de migración, casi completo, ha sido documentado en #11850.
11:26 AM Ticket #11963 (Setting email account to apple phone) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/toni_michelle
Would like to speak with someone to guide me through this
10:29 AM Ticket #11962 (Seriously Urgent - Please at Least Acknowledge) closed by JaimeV
duplicate: Closing as a duplicate of #11961.
10:26 AM Ticket #11961 (WarIsACrime.org is gone) closed by JaimeV
fixed: Just restarted the apache web server on menchu and the site is back …
9:30 AM Ticket #11962 (Seriously Urgent - Please at Least Acknowledge) created by dswanson
http://warisacrime.org and http://worldbeyondwar.org down since yesterday.

Jul 24, 2016:

8:24 PM Ticket #11961 (WarIsACrime.org is gone) created by dswanson
i've tried two browsers - nothing comes up - no idea why or for how …
3:43 PM Ticket #11960 (Increase phpmyadmin upload limit) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/michaeldeas
Hi there, Can you please increase the maximum file size for a …
9:46 AM Ticket #11959 (Shell access) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/michaeldeas
Our developers are trying to get shell access using a username that …
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Jul 22, 2016:

4:14 PM Ticket #11958 (We need the installation file for Drupal 7 distribution) created by Webmaster of Leftforum
We need the Drupal 7 Installation file from a Drupal distribution …
1:33 PM Ticket #11957 (Are there some Postgres DB backups on some machines (for members) ?) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/gripuqam
I was reading #7869 juste passing by. I am not sure if I can …
1:30 PM members/GRIP-UQAM edited by https://id.mayfirst.org/gripuqam
12:40 PM members/GRIP-UQAM edited by https://id.mayfirst.org/gripuqam
10:05 AM Ticket #11956 (how to restart apache) created by Clayton Dewey
http://prisonersolidarity.net is white screening. A volunteer on the …
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