May 30, 2016:

8:38 PM Ticket #11814 (Memory shortage on howard) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/srevilak
Loosely related to ticket:11810. First social.mayfirst.org has disk …
6:47 PM Ticket #11813 (fairfoodstandards.org Maildirs) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
Hi, the …
6:26 PM Ticket #11812 (buildthewheel.org runaway backups) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
The following directory for buildthewheel.org has grown to over 146G …
2:15 PM services.Es created by https://id.mayfirst.org/erq
2:14 PM WikiStart.Es edited by https://id.mayfirst.org/erq
10:44 AM Ticket #11810 (Large ibdata file on howard) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
/var/lib/mysql almost full and the ibdata file seems rather large. …

May 29, 2016:

8:24 PM Ticket #11809 (Runaway log files globalbersih.org) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
Today the home partition on chelsea quickly filled up. The logs …

May 28, 2016:

10:12 AM Ticket #11530 (linksunten/yser is slow) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/linksunten
10:11 AM Ticket #11784 (high load on linksunten) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/linksunten

May 27, 2016:

3:24 PM Ticket #11806 ('interoc_crm' has exceeded the 'max_user_connections' resource) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jackrabbit
Trying to access CiviCRM this afternoon and got this error dump while …
12:05 PM Ticket #11805 (issue with saving into "sent" folder) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/audrey
Sent an email and repeatedly got an error message saying there was a …
11:18 AM Ticket #11804 (thenewpress.com site down) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/thenewpress
thenewpress.com has been down on and off this morning (Fri 5/27/16) …

May 26, 2016:

4:52 PM Ticket #11803 (nacla.org is down) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/nacla
Hi, The NACLA site on kahlo.mayfirst.org is down again. Getting this …
2:11 PM Ticket #11802 (Website vulnerabilities preventing PCI DSS compliance) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/healthcarenow
Hi folks – each year we have to demonstrate our PCI DSS (“Payment Card …
11:58 AM Ticket #11801 (Help with email) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/gvshp
I have four emails set up on my Outlook account. We keep getting popup …
11:31 AM fix-compromised-web-site edited by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
10:13 AM Ticket #11710 (ipv6 address for keys.mayfirst.org does not seem to be working) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/dkg
fixed: Sorry i missed this when it came in. it looks like zimmermann wasn't …
8:55 AM Ticket #11800 (primerodemayo.org como alias de mayfirst.org) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/erq
Como una necesidad -y reivindicación- lingüística es importante que …

May 25, 2016:

6:59 PM Ticket #11799 (ossie is blacklisted) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/ninareyes
Hi, I ran into an issue earlier where emails from our ticketing …
5:51 PM Ticket #11796 (disk failure on barron) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
fixed: I've just partitioned the new disk and started sync'ing it.
5:11 PM Ticket #11797 (Need access to create new hosting order) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
fixed: I've just given your user member level access.
4:44 PM Ticket #11797 (Need access to create new hosting order) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/annabean
Hi, I'm trying to add a new hosting order to our TeachersUnite.net …
4:21 PM Ticket #11777 (All the sites are down, can we restore it from backup?) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
fixed: We have not seen any more errors for these table on proudhon and all …
9:46 AM Ticket #11796 (disk failure on barron) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
sdb has failed: […] In addition, sdg is having some problems but …

May 24, 2016:

6:43 PM Ticket #11795 (issue with saving drafts) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/audrey
As I am drafting an email, I get an error message saying there was a …
11:35 AM Ticket #11794 (Civi again going super slow) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/nlg-membership
Update from our drupal/website support person, Ben: I would …
11:00 AM Ticket #11749 (instalación de wordpress y uso de ftp) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
10:59 AM Ticket #11789 (nlg email addresses) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/nlg-membership
fixed: this is now fixed actually

May 23, 2016:

7:32 PM Ticket #11793 (Roundcube 1.2 upgrade) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/srevilak
A new version of roundcube is available. We should upgrade. […]
3:18 PM Ticket #11792 (site down please restore thanks) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/dswanson
http://worldbeyondwar.org just went down -- happened right after i …
3:09 PM Ticket #11791 (Pagina http://desinformemonos.org.mx/ al querer entrar) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/bruno.bazaine
Buen dia compañeros Por Favor nos gustaria saber porque nuestra …
1:49 PM Ticket #11790 (problem with prosody) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
Members who use our XMPP server at im.mayfirst.org let me know there …
1:46 PM Ticket #11789 (nlg email addresses) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/nlg-membership
getting this type of message: Delivery to the following recipient …
1:15 PM faq/email/setup-macmail edited by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
12:31 PM Ticket #11787 (E-mails are being mutiple times) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/fatimab
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