Jan 30, 2016:

4:46 PM Ticket #11391 (mover DNS mail a MFPL) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
duplicate: Mejor damos continuidad al incidente #11090.
4:29 PM Ticket #11153 (Upgrading octavia to jessie) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
4:28 PM Ticket #11379 (Trouble posting with my Drupal site) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
4:26 PM Ticket #11372 (Load on foucault is high) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
fixed: foucault still looking good today. Closing for now.
4:11 PM Ticket #11347 (no space left on device) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
3:57 PM Ticket #11391 (mover DNS mail a MFPL) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/m4
Alo! Retomo una incidencia anterior para mover los DNS del correo de …
3:43 PM Ticket #11307 (WS_FTP can no longer access MayFirst sites) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
3:42 PM Ticket #11306 (database question) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
3:42 PM Ticket #11292 (Recover space in mx1) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
3:33 PM Ticket #11293 (disk space on floriberto) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
3:32 PM Ticket #11215 (Errors in derechoshumanos.org.mx) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
3:29 PM Ticket #11171 (emails bouncing back) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
3:24 PM Ticket #11030 (Platform change from Drupal to Wordpress) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
3:24 PM Ticket #11078 (need ftp information) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
3:23 PM Ticket #11035 (mail returned to sender) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
3:23 PM Ticket #11075 (How do I back up my website) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
3:18 PM Ticket #10689 (Configure our autogenerated debian installer to create ext4 partitions) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
fixed: This is done.
2:54 PM Ticket #11341 (solicitud de asistencia, problemas con cuenta laneta.apc.org 2/3) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
1:41 PM Ticket #11140 (Received Error message while emailing into cuny.edu) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
1:33 PM Ticket #11063 (Closing out Mayfirst account) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
fixed: I'm will proceed to delete hosting order for both fairfoodnation.org …
1:15 PM Ticket #11288 (Site down: Could not connect) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
fixed: I think we've resolved this now with the measures taken in …
1:13 PM Ticket #11315 (All websites on rose.mayfirst.org are down) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
1:12 PM Ticket #11217 (Site down: No data received ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
1:12 PM Ticket #11206 (Unable to login through ssh(displaying connection refused)) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
1:11 PM Ticket #11166 (Server Down For ssh login) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
12:59 PM Ticket #11086 (cuentas@tierramor.org) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
12:49 PM Ticket #10811 (compromised web site: nycore.org on viewsic) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
9:59 AM Ticket #11389 (suspicious logs for centerforworkingpoor.org wordpress site) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
See #11384 I noticed logs like these: […] The IP address is …

Jan 29, 2016:

11:52 AM Ticket #11387 (No funciona contraseña de correo) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/equidad
Buen día! Tengo un problema con el correo de nuestra directora en …
5:26 AM Ticket #11385 (IMEMC site is down) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/imemc
fixed: it's ok - i fixed it. so you can close the ticket.
2:03 AM Ticket #11385 (IMEMC site is down) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/imemc
please help - I am unable to ssh into the server, and the website is …

Jan 28, 2016:

6:28 PM Ticket #11384 (Can't connect to viewsic from viewsic via HTTP) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jackaponte
Hi all, Today we received an alert that backups hadn't run properly …
5:29 PM Ticket #11383 (add new GPP members to GPP user) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/globalpp
Hi there. I just created 2 new users for GPP's OwnCloud account. They …
11:44 AM Ticket #11381 (Site down) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
fixed: Hi, we lost connectivity to your host server ossie temporarily due to …
11:22 AM footprint-reduction edited by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
11:05 AM Ticket #11382 (network card failed on parsi) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
fixed: I took the following steps on parsi (logged in via the console): I …
11:03 AM Ticket #11382 (network card failed on parsi) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
Shortly after I installed a new server, nagios alerted us that all …
10:44 AM Ticket #11381 (Site down) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/justinwedes
LiberatiGroup.com seems to be down. Is this a server issue?
9:52 AM Ticket #11321 (How do I install MongoDB?) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
fixed: A sugerencia de jamie resolvemos esto creando una configuración local …
12:00 AM Ticket #11337 (filter email by language) closed by automatic
No news is good news (we hope)! Given the lack of feedback, we think …
12:00 AM Ticket #11327 (Python question) closed by automatic
No news is good news (we hope)! Given the lack of feedback, we think …

Jan 27, 2016:

11:03 AM Ticket #11380 (Whoprofits - site transfer) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/whoprofits
Hello, we've transferred our site to the MayFirst servers, we now …
9:31 AM Ticket #11379 (Trouble posting with my Drupal site) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/mparish
I am unable to update posts on my site(thepraxisproject.org), I did an …

Jan 26, 2016:

12:56 PM Ticket #11378 (Access to /stats/index.php) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/nhlp
Hello Mayfirst, We have a report due and need to access the state to …
12:47 PM Ticket #11373 (website loading very slowly) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jaimev
duplicate: We don't need two tickets open about the same issue. I am closing this …
9:27 AM Ticket #11377 (New Domain Needs to added to the account) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/agyp
We purchased a new domain name avenuesforjustice.org and would like to …
9:17 AM Ticket #11374 (No puedo enviar, ni recibir mensajes) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
9:16 AM Ticket #11375 (Rodolpho down?) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
8:37 AM Ticket #11376 (ottorene crashed - out of memory) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
Here's the output on the console: […]
5:58 AM Ticket #11367 (malaka disk replacement) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
fixed: At 5:50 am America/New_York the sync was complete and I started all …
3:09 AM Ticket #11375 (Rodolpho down?) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/guardianproject
Haven't been able to get into mail for the last four hours.
1:36 AM Ticket #11374 (No puedo enviar, ni recibir mensajes) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/lopezllera
Hay un error en mi conexión con el servidor. No logro enviar mensajes, …

Jan 25, 2016:

3:15 PM Ticket #11373 (website loading very slowly) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/commonsnyc
Hi - our site, thecommonsbrooklyn.org has been loading very slowly …
1:34 PM projects/membership-meeting/2015 edited by https://id.mayfirst.org/p4b10
12:18 PM Ticket #11369 (site down due to "PDOException: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Accessed denied ...) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/experienceolympic
fixed: That fixed it, I just reverted the control panel MySQL database user …
11:52 AM Ticket #11372 (Load on foucault is high) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/takethestreets
The load on foucault is currently 3.04 and climbing - but there's …
10:29 AM Ticket #11370 (did default .htacces rules change?) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/guardianproject
fixed: Thanks, Jaime!
9:30 AM Ticket #11371 (NYCKidsPAC website showing strange code) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/justinwedes
One of my client's sites is misbehaving: http://nyckidspac.org
9:27 AM Ticket #11370 (did default .htacces rules change?) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/guardianproject
We used to be able to browse the directories of our site to see the …

Jan 24, 2016:

7:54 PM Ticket #11369 (site down due to "PDOException: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Accessed denied ...) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/experienceolympic
Help, I was trying to put together a locally hosted development …

Jan 23, 2016:

12:32 PM Ticket #11368 (Replace tinydns (from dbndns package) with knot dns for authoritative dns) created by https://id.mayfirst.org/jamie
We've been running tinydns from the {djb,dbn}dns package for our …
12:23 PM Ticket #11366 (New postgreSQL databases on floriberto) closed by https://id.mayfirst.org/gripuqam
fixed: Thanks! It works very good!
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