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Pointing to /home/members/rttc/sites/

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Hi Good Folks,

I need some quick help.

I need to point the URL (which is already pointing to the Chavez server to this folder, which is going to act as the root directory for this site: /home/members/rttc/sites/

How can I go about doing this? Its a bit of a rush.

Thanks so much! Josh Warren-White Design Action Collective

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A couple clarifications:

  1. I know y'all are having a separate conversation with Lenina and Jonathan about the site. The launch of this site ( is a different project, but is timed to launch at the same time. Hence the urgency.
  1. I see from y'all's conversation with Jonathan at WebSkillet that you don't want folks adding new websites to existing hosting orders. That makes sense, and we will move the site to another server over the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime we really need to point to /home/members/rttc/sites/ on the Chavez server so that it can be live for a launch later today. Post-launch we will move the site.

Can y'all help?

Thanks! Josh Warren-White Design Action Collective

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Looping Ross is to share how this can be done now, I think it's in the web config settings.

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Also, I will need to know the same for the CWL site, except in this case needs to point to /home/members/rttc/sites/ I'm working with the A and NS records to get the domain to point to the server, but it's not immediately apparent how to get it to map to the folder. -Jonathan

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I see that its done in the "Web Configuration", but when I try and add a new web configuration item to point to /home/members/rttc/sites/ the system tells me that I can't add a new one because you're only allowed one web configuration item per hosting order and we're already using one to point to /home/members/rttc/sites/

Arrgh. We need to launch really quickly.

Any help you can provide Ross?

Thanks so much! Josh

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Yeah, and I had a similar problem because I set up as a separate hosting order, but it wouldn't allow me to change the web configuration to /home/members/rttc/sites/ because it had to have in the path (and/or couldn't have in the path)


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Hi Josh,

Yeah you can only have one web configuration, you'll need to add apache redirects to the correct sites. I don't know the exact syntax you'll need to use. I think something like

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^cantwaitlist\.org$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^/(.*)$1 [L,R]

I don't know if this is exactly correct, but it should be something like that. Fighting with apache will probably take you longer than just moving code and databases, but maybe the above will work.

Good luck,


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My understanding is that htaccess redirect will redirect to the right folder, but the URL won't remain intact. So we'd end up with something like redirecting to and we'd lose the domain name once it redirects. Is that your understanding as well?

That won't work for us.

Damn it. We don't have time to move to another server, but if that's the only way I don't see another option. Shit.

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Hi Josh,

I'm not suggesting using htaccess for this, but instead use the virtual host web configuration. The url will, in fact, remain intact if you tell apache to always serve that path on that particular domain. It's not ideal as obviously having a different virtual host for each domain resolver is what you should do.

However, the above should work so long as you don't have any other rewrite rules that interfere with it. I suspect there are other rules you should have in place to ensure that does not resolve to that domain, but the above should work. If you would like, I can attempt to get the redirection working correctly for you.


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Hey, so we just mucked around with .htaccess to do a rewrite that way, but do you mean we can add those lines into the web config file for

Can't Wait List is less important, because we're using both and in different media, so I'm just going to forward that domain.

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Sorry, yes I was suggesting that you can do this in the web configuration section of the hosting order. This way gives you the most control over the rewrite process.

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