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Cannot access messages in inbox via webmail

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This is an issue for my husband whose computer has shut down and may have died (it's lived a long life), and thus he can't write from his computer. He needs to access his email and is unable to do so through the Mayfirst site from my computer.

We know there are quite a few messages in his in box (though more like 100-150, he says, rather than 3-4,000 you say should cause this problem) but from my computer we consistently get the message that there are no messages in his box.

As far as we know we are using the correct user name and password and I find that by using the same process with my user name and password I was just able to access my emails.

If someone is able to help us by tomorrow morning that would be terrific!


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Hi Linda - sorry to hear that! I don't think your husband is experiencing the problems related to ticket #505 (although it is possible). I say that because your husband reports only having 100 to 150 messages and because I believe we've resolved that particular problem.

I'm guessing that your husband is using the username neilbr - is that correct?

Looking through the logs I see that neilbr has been accessing his email using the POP protocol. That protocol typically downloads mail from the server into a mail program on a personal computer and then removes those emails from the server (see our help page on the difference between POP and IMAP).

That means that all the email neilbr has accessed in the past was removed from our server when he downloaded it :(. That would explain why his inbox is empty (at the moment I see two new messages in there).

You may consider taking the computer to a repair shop to see if the data on the hard drive can be recovered - that may be the only place where the email is available.

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Hi, Jamie,

Thanks so much for responding so quickly. Neil is embarrassed to report that this morning his computer seemed to be working fine. All he can figure is that the charge in his battery ran out (though he told me at the time that it had 22 percent). The only thing that happened overnight was that he plugged it in, so that's why we've drawn that conclusion.

I appreciate your comments!


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Hi Linda,

Thanks for reporting back - I'm glad his computer is working again. I'm going to close the ticket.

Based on this experience, Neil may want to consider changing his email configuration to IMAP so that if his computer really does die, he won't lose all of his email. Or - he may want to consider setting up a backup strategy so that his email is regularly copied to another computer or an external hard drive. Sometimes a hard drive crash false alarm is a useful (if stressful) exercise in testing our backup systems!!

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