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How do you configure drupal and mediawiki for bilingual sites

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I am trying to assist creating sites to organize for the next Occupy National Gathering.

The main site will be (with the related .com and .org directed there via DNS). This site is currently not live so the registrar DNS temporarily points to

I also created hosting orders for and

We'd like to have content replicated/created in Spanish. I am not sure how best to go about that as I am rather inexperienced with both drupal and mediawiki administration and configuration.

Do these support providing bilingual content from a single install? Would we need a second install on the same host, perhaps pointing to a /es subdirectory for Spanish content?

Or, for drupal, would we configure the 'theme' to provide 2 side by side columns for English and Spanish content such as for EN/FR?

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Hi again,

This sounds like quite a large task you are taking on. Most of what you ask for can probably be found through searches on the web to find the best way to do this. I am not an expert in either f those software programs either. Who on the team now is able to help you? We are happy to help with all server-side settings to ensure the software gets installed, but after that it's good to have a team to support you on this.

Here's Drupal resource about multilingual to start with:

Here's MediWiki resource for languages, though it's experimental:

I am looping Ross in to see if has any advice to offer.



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Yes, it is a lot for an event, but my intent on advocating this is to take a proactive stance at including the Spanish speaking community in the process, or at least opening the door should they like to enter. I have done some web research, but I thought with the attention MFPL has given to inclusiveness, some initial dos and don'ts might be forthcoming.

Right now, there hasn't even been any recruitment of volunteer translators that I am aware of, but if we are going to make some effort on this, my thought was to build it from the beginning and not have to redo it later.

looking forward to advice from ross when his schedule permits.


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From what I can find here's a few good things to read through:

On the current site on the interoccupy network if it's not there, we have a language option available we can enable too:

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Thanks dana. I'll pass those along to our webtechs, or better yet direct them here so that can interact directly on things like this.

while the hosting orders were created under interoccupy, the natgat2014 hosts are on another server, chelsea I think

and with that, we're building on drupal, not wordpress even though the temporary public page is a hub on the IO server.

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Setting up a multilingual site is a bit of a challenge. mv might have some helpful hints for you as he's our most recent support team member to set up a multilingual site.


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Hey wado,

So I had worked with the multilingual setup on drupal 7 for the world social forum free palestine stite, there we have it configured for 4 different languages and the main module we used was There should be a Multilingual Module in connection to it to have a dropdown menu at the top of the site to select the language you want.

The module provides many of the features.

Do these support providing bilingual content from a single install?

The answer to this at least for drupal, as my exprience in mediawiki is less, is yes a single install will suffice with the above mentioned module, the module will then let you create how the local language site will be configured whether it it is browser defined language, or dropdown or /es or /en etc. There is a lot of documentation it is worth reading it.

Hope that helps


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thanks 'mv'

I'll pass this along to team members.

and for the record, "wado" is "Thank you" in Cherokee :)


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