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CiviCRM for Mayfirst membership organizing and outreach

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This is a ticket to document the discussion and ideas of using CiviCRM for organizing purposes.

The location will be where we will install drupal 7 and the most recent version of CiviCRM.

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Below is correspondence from Dana

I was wondering if we could get a sense from each group what their needs are and see if Civi can help accomplish those? Meaning, I'd like to know:

  • how outreach would like to use a CRM & how it ties into membership, if it does?
  • What is the workflow that is currently in place to manage member dues & can some of those tasks be automated?
  • How does the accounting software tie into membership tracking, if at all?
  • Would Civi be used only by outreach or are there other groups that could use for their interaction with members?

I am sure there are more questions. But it seems like a good idea to

have a sense of needs no matter the software and then evaluate how best to integrate & use it.

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In following up on this, we have an updated drupal and civicrm install on the next step before really doing anything is to import the membership database from red. I am uncertain of the steps that are needed for this, but would like some help on it.


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Nice to read about this. I went today to a CiviDay organized by "Alternativas y Capacidades", NGO pioneering the implementation of CiviCRM in México, supporting free software philosophy, among other ways to promote local empowerment. At this talk people from several organizations, i.e. Amnesty International México, Centro Prodh, Semillas, and some others, a developer from LaNeta too, and a guy from Drupal México, interchanged experiences, questions, insights about tasks for a mexican community interested in CiviCRM, understand it better and enhancing his management of information.

Some of the ideas many of you with experience in CiviCRM, maybe has heard about it before, but it was nice hearing from people -as many of they say about themselves- "not technologists", tasks around basic tools like manuals, tutorials, cheap hosting options, or free tests at least. I even talked with the host organization about their work already done with translation of a few chapters of the CiviCRM Users' Book, and their idea to build a blog where "mexican community of CiviCRM" share experiences, and build networks.

The catch is about uses for CiviCRM are far more flexible and powerful, than those implemented out of the box for a CMS, no matter too much which one, since the uses of CMS are pretty basic for many organizations here.

From some of the ideas talked about, I'd like to answer the questions above, from the specific POV from my sense of mexican situation.

How outreach would like to use a CRM & how it ties into membership, if it does?

I'd like to know and propose, events, talks, workshops and other ways to experiences and advice interchange, about topics useful for our organizations, hosted by our membership or recommended/curated. Through a "hosted CiviCRM" from MayFirst, and letting some features of it being used, it would let more people getting the idea and maybe making the move to a bigger and own CiviCRM hosting (knowing MF/PL support is pretty good, by the way ;-) ).

Would Civi be used only by outreach or are there other groups that could use for their interaction with members?

I think Mexican Cooperative just to be started could use very well a CiviCRM to build outreach to local communities, beyond merely ourselves as members, helping people with little groups of users/contacts for testing CiviCRM, colaborating in localization and making of documentation as videos in Spanish, and some others local opportunities.

And talking about internationalization, What about starting with something like to use that domain that whois says is registered by dkg? I'm sure it rings a bell to Mexican people "Primero de Mayo", than "MayFirst".

Of course I know this probably goes beyond the idea implemented by Stephen, but as I get from Dana questions, and the talk from today. We (people in Mexico with nothing or little experience in CiviCRM) really need to get a better idea in México about CiviCRM, testing it and sharing advice to each other, far beyond to having the UI translated.


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