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Sent Emails Missing

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Hi There, I have several IMAP accounts set up for my Mayfirst account and viewing sent emails is always an issue. There are 3 different sent folders in my Roundcube account and I'm not sure what is what. There's "Sent", "sent-mail", and "Sent Messages". I really can't figure out the logic in how messages get stored in what folder. For example "sent-mail" looks like stuff that is all over 2 years old except there's one message that is from last month. Also, in the "Sent Messages" folder there are 6 seemingly randomly placed messages and in the Sent "inbox" there are lots of messages that have been recently sent but not all of them. Some of the messages sent from my Ipdad or Iphone I can't see. Some of the messages I send from my Outlook at the office I can't see, and some that I sent from my ThunderBird at home I can't see. Is there any way I can set up one folder where I can see all of my sent messages? No matter what device they were sent from?


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Hi sdolan,

Thanks for the email. A couple of things come to mind, which could affect this:

  1. since you are using multiple email clients on different email devices, each email client may have their default folders called different and Roundcube just replicates them through the IMAP connection.
    • can you see if the sent folders on each email client/device have these name & more than one sent folder?
    • Are you connecting via IMAP from all 3 email clients & are you using on all of them?
  1. the other is maybe there is a correlation between having multiple emails using the same username, but I don't think this should be causing the issue.

If you could send back the details posed in the questions, we can look at it a bit more closely.



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Hi Dana,

Thanks for getting back to me on this issue.

◦can you see if the sent folders on each email client/device have these name & more than one sent folder?

Yes, all of the email client/devices have these folders. On my Iphone and Ipad there is an additional Sent folder (with a little paper airplane icon next to it) which seems to have everything that I send from those devices and from the Roundcube email client. But nothing sent from Thunderbird or Outlook.

◦Are you connecting via IMAP from all 3 email clients & are you using on all of them?

Yes. It's all IMAP and all my Mayfirst account.

I know the obvious thing to do here would be to just use Roundcube from my home and office but I'm not thrilled with the interface.



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Hi Stephanie,

I have Thunderbird configured on my account as well as the android mail client and I have not been able to replicate the issue you note.

I am looping Steve in to answer anything Roundcube related. Steve, do you know why there could be 3 sent folders in the roundcube web interface given the connected devices using IMAP?



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I agree with what Dana said earlier about different "sent" folders (Sent, vs sent-mail, vs Sent Messages). Unfortunately, there's not a standard name for the sent message folder, and every mail client seems to have their own notion on what the default folder name should be. In most cases, there's a way to tell your mail client "put sent messages in this folder", and the configuration procedure varies by client.

As an aside, I prefer to keep sent mail in a folder called "messages", and I have to configure this on every single mail client that I use. It's a bit of a pain, but you only have to do it once (per mail client).

Here's how to tell roundcube to save sent mail in a specific folder:

  • click "Settings" (the little gear icon in the upper right corner of Roundcube's web interface)
  • click "Special Folders"
  • Use the drop down to select the name of the "Sent" folder
  • click Save.

I'll attach a screen shot for reference, so you can see what this looks like.

I *suspect* that you'll need to do something like this:

  1. Pick a folder where you want your sent mail to go. Move all of your sent mail to that folder.
  1. Delete the (empty) sent folders -- the ones you don't want to use, and the ones you emptied out the previous step.
  1. Periodically check to see if any of the folders you deleted in step two get recreated. Hopefully you'll be able to determine which mail client created them; you'll need to configure that mail client to use the correct folder for sent messages.

If that doesn't work out, I'd like to take a look at your folder structure on the server. (I wouldn't look at the contents of your mail ... I just want to see the folder structure). Please let me know if that's okay to do.

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Screen shot of Roundcube folder settings

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Hello Stephanie,

I wanted to check in and see if the sent mail folder was still an issue. If not, I'll go ahead and close this ticket.


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