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Webmail says there are no new messages, but I know there are!

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I have a mayfirst webmail account through my work at Community Voices Heard. My webmail says there are no new messages, but I know there are (my colleague received a message addressed to both of us, but I didn't receive it)! What's strange is that I have been able to receive emails from my colleague. Please help! I am afraid I am not receiving other emails as well.

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Hi Julia,

I'm not sure what's going on exactly. I just sent a test email to you and it went through. So you can receive emails. Can you give me a little more detail by answering the following questions?

  • Do you only use webmail to check your email or do you also use a mail client like Thunderbird?
    • If you do access your mail from a mail client like Thunderbird (or your phone), could that client be removing messages from the server so that when you login via webmail, the messages have already been removed?
  • Can you reproduce this problem, that is can you intentionally get someone to send you an email that you do not receive?
  • Can you tell me who sent the email that you know you did not get?

Any additional information will be helpful. Also you'll need to login (with the same username and password as your email address) to the support system to respond.


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  • I use webmail to check my email. I tried to put my email on my phone, but it wasn't supported by my version of the windows smart phone so I deleted it from my phone.
  • The email I did not receive came from an email address

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Hi Julia,

So it looks like you are experiencing a greylisting issue. Looking at the mail logs for the email address suffix you gave, I see this:

Nov 18 14:18:13 chavez postfix/smtpd[27760]: 6776D5E21E: reject: RCPT from[]: 450 4.2.0 <>: Recipient address rejected: Greylisted, see for more information; from=<> to=<> proto=ESMTP helo=<>

This suggests that the email was put into a greylist queue. The server that sent the email should have attempted to re-send the message at which point you should receive the email message. If that same person sends you another email message, you should receive it. Please see

Let us know if subsequent emails from the same domain continue to fail,


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Okay. Just a suggestion for your developers - I was the one who initiated the email to this person and, in a case such as this, I really don't think that persons' response should be greylisted (the fact that I wrote to that person, means they should be able to write back without having to send their message 2x). Is there a way to turn off the greylisting feature?

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According to my exchange with Jamie on your end, I have received 24 messages today. My inbox only shows 19 messages. I really appreciate your help retrieving the 5 messages that somehow got blocked. I think they are replies from people I emailed earlier today and their emails are NOT spam. In a private message to you I have a list of all the emails I DID receive today. Hopefully, that will help you detect which ones I DID NOT receive and see whether their was a pattern in what was blocking the message.

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Hi Julia,

We cannot really turn greylisting off without having people deluged with spam. This is an important security feature. However, greylisting should also not require someone to send an email twice. It is an automated communication between servers, it just creates a delay on the first exchange.

I do agree, however, that your sent messages should automatically get white listed. I created a quick script for you that should automatically add sent emails to your white list:

The script is as follows:

0 juliacvh@chavez:~/Maildir/cur$ cat ~/whitelist-script 

        grep -Ei '^(To|cc|bcc):' |
        grep -oEi '[a-z0-9_.=/-]+@([a-z0-9-]+\.)+[a-z]{2,}' |
        tr "A-Z" "a-z" |
        sort -u |
        xargs -n 100 echo "whitelist_from" > $SADIR/sent_whitelist
0 juliacvh@chavez:~/Maildir/cur$ 

I then added a cronjob to run this script every five minutes. Hopefully, this will fix the issue of sent addresses being blocked by greylisting.

As far as the number of messages you've received today, all 24 messages are in your inbox. The following command shows all of the actual messages in your inbox with a date of November 18th. There are no messages blocked here.

0 juliacvh@chavez:~/Maildir/cur$ grep -r -m1 "18 Nov" ./*  | wc -l
0 juliacvh@chavez:~/Maildir/cur$

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