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Sending mass mails to press lists not using bulk server

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Hi there,

We don't use Mayfirst mailboxes - all our mail is simply forwarded to externally hosted webmail accounts.

This leaves us with a bit of a problem when it comes to distributing press releases. Most webmail services have a send limit of 500 addresses, if not fewer. Because we are international organisation we'd like to be able to send to journalists in many countries and 500 is quite limiting.

Using the bulk mail server for distributing press releases isn't much good either - the messages can take up to 5 or 6 hours to go through. This isn't much good for press releases reacting to breaking news or reporting protests. Press releases have to arrive at certain times to be relevant or useful to journalists, in our experience.

Is there another option? Can we use a POP mail server to distribute messages quickly to journalists, without going through the slow bulk server? We can promise to use this responsibly.

Thanks, Michael

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Am assigning Ross to help you with this.

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Hi Ross,

It'd be great to get your views on this when you get the chance. Thanks, Michael

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Hi everyone, just politely resending this. thanks :)

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Ugg...sorry for the extreme delay in responding Michael, for some reason this ticket got lost in my queue. Speaking of delays, I'm not sure why you've experienced a 5 to 6 hour delay in processing emails through our server. This is not normal and should not happen unless you've queued up hundreds of thousands of emails to go out.

Have you tested in some specific context that caused such a delay? Can you tell us what the context was?


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