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mailman personalize settings

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I just noticed from reviewing #652 and mfplsvn/trunk/mailman that we seem to be carrying a diff in mailman on leslie:

0 leslie:~# diff -u /usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/{.orig,}
--- /usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/	2011-02-16 15:14:57.000000000 -0500
+++ /usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/	2011-10-29 21:18:09.000000000 -0400
@@ -374,7 +374,7 @@
         self.filter_action = mm_cfg.DEFAULT_FILTER_ACTION
         # Analogs to these are initted in Digester.InitVars
         self.nondigestable = mm_cfg.DEFAULT_NONDIGESTABLE
-        self.personalize = 0
+        self.personalize = 1
         # New sender-centric moderation (privacy) options
         self.default_member_moderation = \
1 leslie:~# 

Assata does not have this change.

This hacky change is also mentioned in our version of

This seems like a really brittle way to carry around a default config change. Is there some reason that we've made the change on leslie but not on assata?

is there some better way that we can convince mailman to keep this change than having to remember to edit after every upgrade?

If someone wants to fix this, they should probably read the mailman source and try to figure out if there's some other way to adjust the default self.personalize value. it may be that we need to make a patch that provides a more generic way to make the change, so that the patch can be accepted upstream, and then we can just set something in a config file.

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I suspect only Jamie knows the answers to the questions you ask about this change dkg.

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No good reason it's only on leslie. And the reason it's so hacky is because I made the change years ago before I was more knowledgeable about how to submit things upstream. Maintaing/submitting this patch could definitely use an improvement.

I'm un-assigning it from me because I probably won't be able to get it very quickly.


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In Mailman/ I see the following variable and description.

# And finally, we can VERP normal, non-personalized deliveries.  However,
# because it can be a significant performance hit, we allow you to decide how
# often to VERP regular deliveries.  This is the interval, in number of
# messages, to do a VERP recipient address.  The same variable controls both
# regular and digest deliveries.  Set to 0 to disable occasional VERPs, set to
# 1 to VERP every delivery, or to some number > 1 for only occasional VERPs.

More details here: This would appear to be what we want.

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So with VERP_DELIVERY_INTERVAL set in theory having personalization activated for each list is not important, we shouldn't have to hack Mailman/ or set personalization variable on individual lists.

I've set VERP_DELIVERY_INTERVAL = 1 in puppet "modules/mayfirst/templates/mailman/" and pushed to leslie. We could set that to a higher number if load on leslie becomes too much.

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That's great! not hacking mailman is much better....

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Do we need to remove the application of that diff from puppet?

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I don't think the diff is in puppet - I think it pre-dated our move to puppet.

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I don't think we've seen any downsides to this change. I'm inclined to say this is now fixed.

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No news is good news (we hope)! Given the lack of feedback, we think this ticket can be closed.

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