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User cannot get passed Server Maintenance

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Hey Guys,

Got a call from the user 'amyoung' that they cannot access their webmail. It gets to the server maintenance on the page and continues to say "Connecting..." is there a way we can perform the maintenance via the server so that the user can get to their mail? I tried to log in here at the CritPath office, but I had no luck.

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by Daniel Kahn Gillmor

can you provide the URL of the "server maintenance" that they're seeing? Are other critpath accounts able to access their webmail? The more concrete details you can give, the less time we'll spend chasing red herrings in the debugging process (and the quicker we'll get to resolving the issue you're running into).

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Actually I can't provide the URL because now the account can't even be accessed when I tried it again. It continues to connect without processing anything during the log in. That's the most amount of info I can provide for now, sorry if it's not helpful

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by Ross

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I think the user is seeing the default Horde maintenance page. She should be able to click skip maintenance and the continue logging in. The problem may be with spam filters taking a long time to process her inbox.

Can you check and see if this faq applies to the situation and let us know?



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Originally when the user logged on several times last week, they attempted to click Skip Maintenance. But after a few attempts it continued to connect with no avail. I also tried to do the same (aprox. 15 mins ago) and originally after I saw the Maintenance page and clicked 'Skip Maintenance' it did the same and continued to connect without loading anything at all.

Now, a few minutes ago it did not even show me the default Maintenance page and would not allow me to connect from the login screen. The users account may be extremely full, but at this point I can't do any of the tricks on the Manage Inbox page you linked me to in order getting passed the login screen. Maybe we can set a Spam filter again on the server level for the user to keep some of the messages under control

comment:5 Changed 7 years ago by Ross

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Well I attempted to follow both #5377 and #5283 with minimal success. I created the directory ~/Maildir/.detected-spam with the same specs as

This is working, and we have a log of the account. However, when I attempted to mv the current spam into the detected spam using the command posted by dkg, I received an error:

0 amyoung@didier:~$ mv -i $(grep --files-with-matches '^X-Spam-Flog: YES$' /home/members/fight/sites/* ) /home/members/fight/sites/
-su: /bin/grep: Argument list too long
mv: missing destination file operand after `/home/members/fight/sites/'
Try `mv --help' for more information.
1 amyoung@didier:~$

The good news is we're catching spam (and a lot of it) in the .detected-spam directory, but it likely will not help with the current login problem until we move the old messages.

Hopefully dkg can accomplish this.

comment:6 Changed 7 years ago by Daniel Kahn Gillmor

Resolution: fixed
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Aside from what appears to be a typo (i think you meant X-Spam-Flag, not X-Spam-Flog), the command you ran is failing because the shell expands the wildcard to too many messages for grep to handle cleanly.

Using a recursive grep avoids this problem, but it appears there are too many matches to pass off to mv:

0 amyoung@didier:~$ mv -i $(grep -r --files-with-matches '^X-Spam-Flag: YES$' ~/Maildir/cur ) ~/Maildir/.detected-spam/cur
-su: /bin/mv: Argument list too long
126 amyoung@didier:~$ 

Shuffling these commands around to use xargs and an unusual form of mv gives us a nice clean command that does The Right Thing:

0 amyoung@didier:~$ grep -r --files-with-matches '^X-Spam-Flag: YES$' ~/Maildir/cur | xargs mv -i -t ~/Maildir/.detected-spam/cur 
0 amyoung@didier:~$ 

Just how many messages are we talking about?

0 amyoung@didier:~$ grep -r --files-with-matches '^X-Spam-Flag: YES$' ~/Maildir/cur | wc -l
0 amyoung@didier:~$ grep -r --files-with-matches '^X-Spam-Flag: YES$' ~/Maildir/.detected-spam/cur | wc -l
0 amyoung@didier:~$ 

Anyway, i think the primary inbox is down to ~8K messages, which should be a bit more reasonable. Please reopen this if the user is still having trouble with webmail.

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