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incoming email not working

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hello jamie and others i have succmbed to the ticket system. i think my imap is set up correctly so i guess its time to move the whole thing. i can't test it since i'm not yet receiving mail at the new site. but i guess there are no worries that i'll lose mail since presumably i will be able to access it through web access even if it doesn't yet make it into map mail. who does the cutover and changes the DNS? anything we need to be involved with?? thanks jennifer

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Thanks for posting, Jennifer! I think the discussion about the DNS cutover for (which is what you need to get your mail flowing through MF/PL) is happening over in ticket #535. I'll note over there that you're ready to go!

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Just got an email from Jennifer saying that, after configuring her Mac Mail (to use malcolm for both incoming and outgoing), she sent herself a test message. It was successfully sent, and she was able to access it via webmail, but not in her mac mail. So - I suspect that her incoming settings are not properly setup.

I agree Jennifer - we should do the switchover since I don't think you will lose email. However, I'm going to re-open (and re-title) this ticket to get your incoming mac mail settings to work properly.

Can you try me by phone Jennifer and we can try to get this last piece ironed out.

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Just got off the phone with Jennifer and I think we got things working. We made two changes: fixed a typo in the incoming server name and, based on a suggestion I found on the Internet set the "IMAP Path Prefix" to: INBOX (because Jennifer was getting a pop up error over and over again about how Mac Mail could not connect to orphaned mailbox).

Now Jennifer is ready to go.

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Maybe the "IMAP Path Prefix" tip should be added to the Mac OS X mail configuration FAQ?

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I agree - although I'm not exactly sure how to word it.

I didn't add that when I did the tutorial, so I think it's the default that may have gotten over-written in this example.

More perplexing - I'm not sure exactly where the option is and don't have a Macintosh to test.

Jennifer: if you have a moment can you post back to this ticket and describe the series of clicks you took to get to that IMAP Path Prefix option (for example: Click Apple Menu -> Preferences -> Accounts. Then click the "Advanced Option." I think it's something like that.

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Hi Jennifer--

You could also edit the FAQ page directly. If you're logged in, you can click the "edit page" button at the bottom of the page to make changes. That way you can help the next MF/PL member who uses the same tools you use. Thanks for sorting this out!

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Hey MayFirst People,

I just noticed that I logged into my webmail account, and although it displays messages in my folders, the mail in my inbox such as the most recent incoming mesages is not showing up at all despite repeated login tries. Is anyone else having this trouble? I wasn't sure if Jennifer (above) was having the same problem.

Thanks! Jen

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Hi Jen - I think that's a different issue - does this page seem to better describe what's happening with you?

Thanks for posting - if that page is not the same - would you mind opening a new ticket?


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