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switching over dns for

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Hi - We're having trouble getting Jennifer's email working. She can sign into the webmail fine, but there are no messages in that inbox. Should there be yet? Mail is still coming through to her the old way. Also, seems the Malcolm server is the one that works for her. Forgive me, but I don't know much how to help her after this... THANK YOU. Lee

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Your dns hasn't repointed to us yet so her email isn't here. :-) If you've done the dns change at the registrar, it will take about a day to repoint.

Circus Amok is on malcolm, yes, so Jennifer's email is there...when it's finally pointed to us.

Anything you or Jennifer (or anyone over there) needs, let us know. We're here.

Hope that helps.

Closing ticket. Please open a new one if you continue having difficulties tomorrow during the day.

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Closing ticket. Please open a new one if you continue having difficulties tomorrow during the day.

This ticket wasn't actually closed, which is probably OK, since the nameservers for appear to still be set to worldnic, and the MX record (which determines where the mail should go) is pointing to

[0 dkg@squeak ~]$ dig +short ns
[0 dkg@squeak ~]$ dig +short mx
[0 dkg@squeak ~]$ 

If you want to change those records, you'll need to either change the nameserver records to point to mayfirst's nameservers (you'd do this through whoever you registered the domain name with, which is what Alfredo means above as the "registrar"), or you'll need to repoint the MX records served by worldnic to (you'd probably do this through worldnic themselves, who may also be acting as your registrar).

If you decide to set the nameservers to MF/PL, the primary and secondary nameservers should be:


You can follow up on this ticket if you log in here. Please report back on how this is working out for you.

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I can log into our domain host, who is Network Solutions -- we just extended it a month ago. So I should just change the nameservers and we're good to go? It then takes up to 48 hours to actually switch? Forgive me, I'm just a bit nervous about this stuff, since it seems to resolutely permanent and mysterious. THANKS!

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If you're sure you don't need the records stored in the old nameserver, then yes, switching it over is the way to go. I don't know specifically what your plan for this transition is, so i don't know if it's the right thing for you to do. For example, the A record for (where your web site will be looked up from) is reported differently from the two nameservers (worldnic points to, and MF/PL points to

[0 dkg@squeak ~]$ dig +short a
[0 dkg@squeak ~]$ dig +short -x
[0 dkg@squeak ~]$ dig +short a
[0 dkg@squeak ~]$ dig +short -x
[0 dkg@squeak ~]$ 

So if you intend to transition control of the web service from emma to malcolm (and you have done a similar check for any other DNS records you currently have installed at worldnic), then i think that switching the NS records is the right thing to do.

FWIW, your records should transition in less than 48 hours, but that's a reasonable outside limit for the transition to propagate fully across the globe. There are ways to manage transitions like this more smoothly, but they require more setup, labor, and planning, and they'll usually can't avoid at least a 5 minute propagation window during which there might be some hosts out-of-sync across the 'net. I don't know if you need that level of availability.

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Thanks dkg for the extra info.

I've been working with Eric and Nat on transitioning the web site to malcolm (which I believe is complete). And yesterday I had a conversation with Jennifer on the phone, helping her setup her mail client to access malcolm. I just got an email from her asking for a little more assistance in that setup. So - let's wait on the dns transfer until Jennifer is properly setup. I'll ask her to post here when she's ready to go.

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In #546, Jennifer sounds like she's ready to go with the cutover.

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I'm changing the title of this ticket to more closely reflect the discussion (especially since I re-title #546 to be about getting Jennifer's inbox to work properly).

Lee: let us know if you need any help from us in switching over the DNS.

We have a help file on how to do that with Network Solutions (which appears to be your registrar).


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I made the DNS change over at Network Solutions, so we should have everything finished in the next 24 hours or so.

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That's great - congrats! From my computer the switch has already happened - so I'm going to close this ticket. If you run into any problems - please feel free to re-open it or open a new ticket.


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