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trac ticket template customizations for should move into site.html

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as noted during the recent upgrade to 0.12.2, our customizations to the trac ticket pages are clumsy to port across trac upgrades.

I suspect they could be better written as stanzas in /srv/trac/support/templates/site.html, but i haven't tried to do it.

Anyone who wants to take this on could probably try making edits on moses and then restarting apache to see if they do what you expect. If they do, then maybe we could get rid of /srv/trac/support/templates/ticket.html and that would make trac version upgrades smoother and simpler.

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Genshi templating needs to be modified to tell trac how to pull in changes.

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see #5318 for details about the ticket template customizations that we have already.

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i'm gonna try to figure this out.

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OK, this seems mostly doable so far. my basic workflow is:

  • compare our ticket.html with the shipped ticket.html:
    diff -u5 /usr/share/pyshared/trac/ticket/templates/ticket.html /srv/trac/support/templates/ticket.html
  • for each significant hunk in that diff, use the site.html cookbook to think through a genshi-style way of representing the change.
  • place the change in site.html in genshi style, and remove the difference from ticket.html
  • restart apache
  • reload the relevant page on SMO to make sure things look reasonable.

three changes remain to be handled.

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I've gotten everything transferred except for one change: i'm trying to move the "action" fieldset outside of the collapsible div labeled "Modify Ticket", but it's not clear how to make that happen cleanly.

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While the site.html cookbook is good, it's not a comprehensive reference. For that, it's worth reading the genshi xml templating documentation.

I'm finding myself stumped on how to represent this final change in genshi terminology. It's possible that this DOM manipulation should be done entirely in javascript (it's not relevant or necessary for those browsing without javascript).

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yep, this change turned out to be much easier to do with javascript:

<!-- move the ticket action fieldset outside of (and above) the foldable "Modify Ticket" section -->
<py:match path="div[@id='content'][@class='ticket']//form[@id='propertyform']//div[@id='modify']//fieldset[@id='action']" once="true">
  <fieldset py:attrs="select('@*')">
  <script type="text/javascript">
    (function () { var a = $('#action'); a.parent().parent().before(a); })()

The way this works is:

  • the py:match element makes sure this only triggers on the expected fieldset.
  • we recreate the same fieldset that we matched on and include all its matched attributes
  • then we inject a bit of scoped jquery code that moves the created element up a couple levels in the DOM.

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See regression: #10579

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