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automatic nagios backup audits

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Currently, our only backup audit is an email I get (sent to root@…) warning me about backup failures. This email is triggered by the backup process itself, making it an unreliable audit.

I propose that we configure our nagios server to initiate audits, perhaps by grepping /var/log/backupnininja.log on each server and checking dates and success / failure entries.

It seems like nagios-nrpe-server could provide a daemon on each server that would provide access, although it's security seems to be based soley on IP address of the nagios server (and the conf file has notes saying that even this check is only rudimentary).

Alternatively, we could create a nagios user on each server and provide key-based ssh access that way.

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At the last support meeting - dkg proposed publicly publishing our backup status via the web.

This would involve ensuring that a small footprint web server (like nginx) is installed on each server in our network and that this type of status info is published on a special port (e.g. 2525).

This would make backup status info available both to nagios and to our members or anyone in the world.


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We've tried and abandoned the nginx plan - to much overhead to get a secure connection. Now, we are scp'ing the files from each server to jojobe. I still haven't setup the nagios check on the files that are copied over though...


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Is there an update on this, it's been a while since the last response.

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What's the urgency?

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Until this is fixed, the only person that learns about failed backups is me :(.

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