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formatted email?

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Hi there,

I heard that mayfirst provides a way to make those newsletter-like formatted emails. Is this true?

How do i get started?

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There are some good reasons to avoid sending html email, which include:

  • HTML email is harder to forward. Most effective newsletter reach more than the original recipients - they are forwarded way beyond this initial group. Some email programs will break the formatting of a message when it is sent as HTML
  • Unpredictable. Every email program interprets HTML differently (some don't even interpret it at all!) - so unless you view your message in all the email programs available (Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, etc.) it's very hard to know if your formatting will come across the way you think it is coming across.
  • Security policies. Many email programs have security policies that disable things like images to avoid viruses from being sent via the email message. Often these security policies will prevent your html formatted email from looking like you expect it to.
  • Bloat. HTML email will cause your message to double or triple in size.
  • Archiving. Mailman, for security reasons, will archive HTML emails separately (via a download link) so these messages will be more difficult to access.

Despite these limitations, many people still do decide to send HTML formatted email. The choice is up to you!

If you do decide to send HTML formatted email, you do not need any special program or system to work with May First/People Link. All you need is an email program (like Thunderbird) that can compose HTML email. Thunderbird, by default, sends HTML formatted email.

If you go this route, I would make the following reccomendations:

  • Use a standards compliant program (like Thunderbird) to compose the email. Avoid using proprietary programs (like Outlook or Apple Mail) because they are more likely to produce HTML email that will look great if displayed in the mail application that created the message, but will not look great in other mail applications.
  • Do not add any images to the message.
  • Keep it simple - avoid fancy layouts, tables, etc.

Hope this helps. If you have follow up questions - please post a comment to the ticket and we can continue this conversation. Otherwise - please close the ticket selecting Resolve: fixed below. Thanks!

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I just turned this ticket's answer into a dedicated FAQ page. If you find this ticket and have the same question - please check out the FAQ - which may have more detailed information.

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