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Email Autoresponder

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I would like to have an autoresponder email address. I used to do it at my previous host company. Anyone who sends email to a particular address (info@…, for example) receives a simple text message response with basic info about my company. Can that be implemented?

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Please checkout our autoresponder faq and let us know is what you are looking for.

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That almost works but I also want all incoming mail to be deleted. The basic vacation message feature works by itself but if I select the check box titled, "No local delivery; forward and/or auto-reply only" then the autoresponse is never sent. If leave that box unchecked the autoresponse works but then incoming messages accumulate in the Inbox. I tried getting around that by setting up a filter to transfer all incoming mail to the Trash but seems to also prevent the autoresponse.

Close but no cigar...

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Can you try it again? Looks like there was a bug in the squirrelmail code. Keep in mind that the vacation program won't send an autoresponse to the same email address twice (to avoid nasty loops and annoying people). So you'll need to test from a fresh email account (or delete the .vacation.db file in your user's home directory).

For the record, I changed line 222 of the file:



if (!$no_local_delivery || empty($forward_addresses))


if (!$no_local_delivery)

It seems like the original code was protecting you from setting "no local delivery" if you didn't put in a forwarding address, to prevent someone from accidentally setting their email account to not collect email, which is exactly what you want (and what the user interface implies is available).

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Also, for the record, I made the change on malcolm, viewsic, and chavez. This is really a quick fix until we close #54.

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That did it! Thanks a lot.

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Jamie, thanks for your fix here. Is this a known problem with squirrelmail? If so, can you link to the documentation for it? If not, have you sent a problem report/fix upstream?

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It appears as though the autoresponder plugin we are using for squirrelmail has been superceded by a new one. I'm not sure if the problem I found in the current version is also in the new version.

I'd much rather spend time implementing a better autoresponder then upgrading to the new squirrelmail one, which I think for us has always been a rather ugly hack.

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