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transferring DNS management

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we're finally shifting our domain over from our current registrar + mail provider, concision, to mayfirst, so we can consolidate user access and email accounts. (concision will continue to be our registrar since you folks don't do that.)

can someone look through our DNS settings and confirm that everything is ready?

there are also a few DNS records for that domain that seem unnecessary:


what purpose do those serve? can/should I delete them?

thanks. chris

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Hi Chris - great to hear that you are making this move.

I just took a quick look at your DNS settings and they look good to me.

Before switching the email, I'd suggest checking out our transfer email faq (if you haven't already). Switching email can be tricky.

As for your questions:

  • The A record for is a convenience record - nothing more. You can safely delete it. Some users could use that domain in their desktop email applications as the sending or receiving email server. However, they should switch their applications to use instead so they don't get any SSL/TLS errors.
  • should be kept. That allows you to have mailman email lists with the domain name (it looks like you are using that domain in the list


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as it turns out, no one even uses a POP or IMAP account currently--all of our active email addresses forward to that person's other main account. this means that no one needs to alter any settings, and i'll just recreate all of the same forwarding addresses through mayfirst.

i've just deleted the (inactive anyway) A record for i'm not sure if we actually use that mailing list actively, but i'll leave the MX record for in place for now.

i'll get our registrar to switch to mayfirst nameservers overnight, and then everything should be in place! thanks for your help.

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Great to hear - thanks for the update.


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