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I would appreciate knowing how to get my spam filter to stop putting identical emails in my in box - or better yet keep them from coming at all. For the past several weeks I have gotten emails that look alike advertising Viagra, always from different addresses. They come almost daily - and the frequency is increasing. 

One yesterday was from sedately@… <mailto:sedately@…> Another one yesterday was from minoring@… <mailto:minoring@…> Saturday it was from sillabub@… <mailto:sillabub@…> Another one Saturday was from runback@… <mailto:runback@…> etc., etc.

The subjects are always different, the "from" is always different but the little table for ordering is always the same.

I'd be glad to forward an email so you can see it, but don't know how to get the image into this form.

Any ideas? Thanks! Linda

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Hi Linda,

What email program are you using to read your email?

Most email programs have a filtering capability that allows you to move emails that match a certain pattern into another mailbox. I think that's what you are looking for. You should be able to specify a phrase to search for in the body of the message. Be careful though! It's easy to pick a phrase that might happen in a non-spam email.

Also - I trust that you already have a filter in place that moves messages that our servers marks as spam into a spam folder (you can tell that our server has marked them as spam because the subject line reads: *SPAM).

If you are getting messages in your inbox with *SPAM* in the subject line, you will want to read our help page on filtering spam. The process is different depending on your email program - so feel free to post back with more questions.


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Hi, Jamie,

I'm using Mail on my Mac. It is set to put junk into a junk mail folder. Most junk mail (plus some non-junk mail) goes right into that folder.

It happens that this particular series of emails each comes from a different sender with a different subject. They also have my whole name in the "To" line. There seems to be no way to screen for eliminating certain words in the body of the email.

I suppose they will stop coming some time but I thought since they seem to be coming even more frequently that I'd check to see if you were aware of them. I can forward one to you if you want to see it but otherwise, I guess I'll just wait for them to stop on their own.

Thanks, Linda

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Hi Linda,

I think what Jamie's asking is if you use *our* spam filters. In other words, do you have a filter on the Mac mail that sends mail with


in the title into the just or trash or spam folders?

See, we're block a lot of this stuff but we do that by putting that tag into the subject line. On principle, we don't "junk" people's mail -- our systems tag it when it suspects the email of being spam and then you decide what you want to do with the email.

However, I think you're not seeing that "spam" tag in those subject lines which means our Spam Assassin system is being momentarily circumvented by the spammers. We are aware of this issue. This is a temporary situation: Spammers learn how to get around Spam Assassin's filters and then the Spam Assassin developers catch up with the spammers and update all the filters to stop their email. Happens pretty quickly actually.

It's really the only way anti-spam things can work -- you're really reacting to the attack and you can't close things up before an attack because you have to know how the attack is being conducted.

Yeah, we and the rest of the Internet is under a bad spam attack at the moment but I think our tools are gonna catch up and the madness will subside fairly soon.


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I do see the "spam" tag in many subject lines for the emails that end up in my junk mail folder, but not all of them.

The emails that are the subject of this ticket do not have the "spam" tag or there would be no problem. They'd just go right to the spam folder.

I don't mean to make extra work for you and understand from what you have said that there is some heavy stuff going around. After several weeks of receiving these things it just occurred to me that perhaps you had some advice.

I'm happy to leave it in your capable hands and am sure it will stop one of these days!

Thanks, Alfredo and Jamie, Linda

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For Furture Reference please view the I'm getting too much spam section of our FAQ.


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