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Help with views/calendar

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Hi mayfirst,
thanks for your tips on upgrading... we have done it successfully. luckily, we had a knowledgeable intern to help with the programming and error quirks, but we are there!

now the problem is, i cant get calendar to work (because - i think - i am having a heck of a time successfully loading and enabling the views module). i have derived from that our trusty events module is kaput, and we should now use calendar... but its not happenin! any tips/help for us please?! The calendar is a major user function for us, so i am trying to get it back up and going asap

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Congrats on the Drupal 6 upgrade!

What is the problem you are having with calendar? Are you getting error messages? If you could provide links to pages that aren't working and/or explanations of what you expect to happen compared with what is happening that would be great.

I haven't done much with calendar, but I believe Alfredo has gotten it going on at least one site.


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I'm unclear about one thing. You have upgraded the calendar module to 6, right? Calendar itself doesn't depend on views although it now uses the views modules for all kinds of nice calendar displays. But the regular calendar grid display is done through calendar; views isn't necessary.

If the calendar module you have in there is the 6 version, tell us what's happening when you try to use it. The calendar module is very very stable so it's probably something small we can fix.

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in 4.7 we were using 'event'. it was serving us fine (even though a bit clunky). my understanding is that there is no event with v6, so we need to use calendar. upon loading the calendar module it says it is 'date' and 'views' dependent. date and date_api loaded fine and are enabled, but when i upload views module, it appears to all be on the server, but there is no option to enable it on the modules admin page... only views_export. it is just not showing up. i have tried deleting and reuploading the module several times.

if it is not dependent on views as you say, thats news to me. it says Calendar cannot be enabled until views is installed and enabled.


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Yeah, you have to have views enables so that Calendar has that option but it's not dependent on views to work. In other words, it doesn't use Views necessarily. I was confused because you said you had Views in there already. Now I see what you're saying.

In general, the Calendar module for 6 is tricky because the documentation is misleading and incomplete.

But starting with Views. You upload it and it simply doesn't show on the modules page at all?

What's the site's url? I'll go in and take a look at what's happening here if you'd like. Could you check and see if mayfirst has admin access to the Drupal and, if not, could you create one for


with the "email" option checked when you do that?

I'll go in and see if I can discern what may be the problem.

Oh yeah...and could you just upload that views module and leave it in there?

I'll do this stuff tonight after 11. :-)


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thanks alfredo
the account for you ahs been made.

Views module is uploaded and appears to be a-o-k on the server... but the enable option is not apparent for it... and that is keeping clendar from working... as far as i can figure. thanks!!!

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Hmmmm. You're now running Drupal 6, right? Did you download the Views 6 module? I ask because the one in there is the beta 5 module. Is the one you downloaded this one:


Double check that because maybe Drupal has it mixed up but I did a download of that module yesterday and it *did* download 6. That would result in the problems you're having. Try it again, delete the views folder you have in there now, upload the 6 one and see what happens.

Let us know.

BTW, I didn't check any of your other modules to make sure those are 6 but you might want to double-check. CCK and views modules in 6 are very very different from 5 ones. Totally different code and logic.


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so, i think maybe i was trying to put the module in the wrong folder. now i think i have the right one... but now i am getting a huge error list (as currently seen at:

we are in the process of updating modules, but dont really use cck.

any idea what that looonnngg error message is about?

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so... i was able to enable views (but something is clearly wrong re: all the errors).

i also am not sure how calendar works... do we need to make a cck for entries, or can we just use stories and use the calendar module to display them as a calendar?

any help is greatly appreciated.

i hope this gets better.... i am beginning to question whether we should have fixed what wasnt broken. argh. hopefully it will. a

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did you run update.php? If so, run it again and see if you see the errors.

Let me know.


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yes, we had run it. i just ran it again.


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once the views errors are figured out, our next issue is that much of our content is event node content. so... it is uneditable in D6. how are people dealing with the lack of event module. i have tried to seek out advice... thats how i came up with the calendar/views suggestion, but have not found anyone talking about porting previous event node content to a new calendar view.

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Jamie, I think I need your help on this one!

Okay. Hang on now. You ran update.php right?

Okay...take a look at status report.

and you'll see:

Database updates	Out of date
Some modules have database schema updates to install. You should run the database update script immediately.

And that's the key to the errors. The views errors are because views demands a table that was never created and maybe an update of some that are there already but not updated.

I'm *not* saying do it again. You did it that's that. :-) But for some reason that update script didn't work right. Here's the error message:

# user warning: Table 'drupal_nyma.cache_views' doesn't exist query: DELETE FROM cache_views in /usr/local/share/drupal-6.9/includes/ on line 172.
# user warning: Table 'drupal_nyma.cache_views' doesn't exist query: DELETE FROM cache_views in /usr/local/share/drupal-6.9/includes/ on line 172.
# user warning: Table 'drupal_nyma.cache_views' doesn't exist query: DELETE FROM cache_views in /usr/local/share/drupal-6.9/includes/ on line 172.
# user warning: Table 'drupal_nyma.views_view' doesn't exist query: SELECT DISTINCT v.* FROM views_view v in /home/members/nyma/sites/ on line 1249.

It should be noted that the calendar module *is* working. You can see at at

But the error you're seeing is very serious so before we do anything else, I would like to check with Jamie as to what he thinks (since he's in charge of our Drupal upgrade scripts, etc. around here).

A script can be used to move event node content into this new drupal but let's take things one at a time. We're aware of the pressure on you around this. Let's pick it up Sunday though with your permission. :-)

Jamie? Can you take a look at what's what here? The regular mayfirst user now has full admin privs on this site. It's on Malcolm and the regular site (not the beta) is now resolving properly to the url

Thank you! :-)


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ok. thanks guys. we are in holding pattern, then. sunday is a go for me. V - an intern at SFIM has been doing the command line stuff for the upgrade from the link Jamie sent us previously... and I the content management and roles/permissions, etc... just so thats out there... i am not good with doing command line stuff, and I dont know of V's availability today. but i will be online and eager to resolve whatever issues we can. thanks again!!!


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re: the calendar... yes. thanks... i saw that it was working. it seems to be showing ALL content according to the date of its creation. hm... i have gathered from reading online that i will need to create a CCK for our events and whatever we wnat in the calendar. then also need to get all other content out of the calendar.... and then the news of a script to port old event data over is good news to me. but yes. one step at a time. andrew

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let me restate that: i can probably execute necessary command line if given explicit instruction. over.

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Hi all,

I think Alfredo was on the right track with the database schema. I just backed up your database in the nyma home directory and then went to the updates.php page and noticed that views still had updates to be run. I ran them, and not we're no longer getting the errors on the admin/build/modules page. The video modules still have the X preventing you from enabling them - but that's because it looks like the video module is not a version 6 module - I think if you replace it with a version 6 one, that should work.

Let us know if this impacts on the calendar issues - or if there are still calendar issues to be worked out.


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Replying to

Hi all,

I think Alfredo was on the right track with the database schema. I just backed up your database in the nyma home directory and then went to the updates.php page and noticed that views still had updates to be run. I ran them, and not we're no longer getting the errors on the admin/build/modules page. The video modules still have the X preventing you from enabling them - but that's because it looks like the video module is not a version 6 module - I think if you replace it with a version 6 one, that should work.

Let us know if this impacts on the calendar issues - or if there are still calendar issues to be worked out.


thanks. will let you know. we havent been using the video module, so i may just remove it entirely.


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hi again.
thanks so much for clearing up the errors. we are on the way!

1)i am having a problem with the calendar set up. what i would most like to do is add a required date field to the story content type, so that all stories appear in the calendar view. OR. i could create a cck content type for future entries. i have tried both of these. for the new cck, i am using these directions: but i cannot get the date field i have created to appear when i go to create content (in either type).

2)in a previous comment, one of you mentioned using a script old event nodes into the calendar. i know that is the next step, but i just wanted to put it out there.

3) what would you all recommend for a simple out-of-box (if possible) photo gallery. in the past we have just used image and gallery. it was clunky and didnt look great, but did the job. do you we just update these modules and poof things back to normal? or would you recommend an entirely different solution?

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1 - Go to admin page, content types, story and manage fields and then add a field for date with the dropdown.

2 -- How many events are involved? A script needs to be written and, while we do this, it costs money so if there aren't many of those, I would recommend doing them manually. If there are hundreds of them, then we need to talk about how to best approach things.

3 -- I usually recommend keeping modules you've used in the past since you know how to use them. Image Gallery is an excellent basic module for Drupal and works perfectly with Drupal Core. You can search in the drupal site for third parties and you'll see there are bunches of them but, for photos, I've always favored Image Gallery myself.


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ok. understood. we will deal with the back content. whether its scraping money together or going through it manually. (it is a lot... 2 years worth of events). i totally understand the need to keep using orignial modules... but the debate on has lead me to believe that event is not being supported and people are migrating to calendar/views. if you know of a stable event module for 6... please let me know. i gather that people with event content in 4.7 arent happy about this. i just wish i knew this before considering the upgrade. anyways. now i need to figure the current season content and images, and deal with the back content later.

so re: the field. i had already added content type with the new field.

but the field does not appear (in fact i created two extra fields to make sure i wasnt imagining things:
(no date/time field!?!)

i have used views and cck before, so i definitely understand how they are supposed to work. i just am not sure what to do when they dont in this case. my thought was that i missed some little thing re: D6, but i just keep going over and over the same pages.

thank you, as always.

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go the fields showing up. was a permissions issue. doh! over.

comment:22 Changed 7 years ago by

Glad the the date field is showing up now!

I hear what you're saying about old modules vs. new. And, I think trying to move to the new Drupal approach is in many cases the best approach. I think the big picture is that content modules (modules that provide a content type, like the image module, video module and event module) are being phased out in place of modules that provide a CCK field (DrupalModule:date date], emfield, etc.). I think the new approach is better in most cases because it allows you to add the fields you want to any existing content type rather than being restricted to just one content type for dates, etc.

Regarding gallery - this can be kinda confusing. There's a drupal module called gallery - which is a way to include the PHP Gallery program into drupal. I don't think either of you are talking about this module.

In addition, the image module ships with the image_gallery module. I believe this is the gallery module Alfredo is referring to. This image_gallery module relies on the old image module (the module that provides a node type rather than a CCK field).

If you want to move forward with the more modern Drupal approach, you would replace the image module with the imagefield module. This module provides a CCK image field that you can add to any node type you want. It works with the imagefield_gallery module.

I think the ideal approach is to use imagefield and imagefield_gallery because that will put you on a future path that I think will be better supported in the Drupal community.

However - I don't have much experience with these modules, so I'd like to check in with Alfredo who does to see if he's recommending image and image_gallery because imagefield and imagefield_gallery are not ready for prime time.


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jamie, et al.
ack! so sorry to be doing this... maybe you get it alot. but now i have created a fatal error!?!? i was uninstalling cck and views as per this thread: and after deleting a views folder from the modules folder on the server, now the site is getting a fatal error. please help.

my plan was to reinstall cck then views in that order. the problem was that no cck fields were showing up in the calendar view and the filters/arguments that i altered were not working. now obviously, we have bigger issues. but that is what i did.

please help.

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problem may be... i am no longer seeing the Modules folder that typically holds the core modules. there was a Views module in there that I was trying to delete because it was not in the right folder... and somehow, maybe i delete the whole folder!?!?! i didnt, i swear! i only deleted the views folder.

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No worries - this is what we're here for :).

It looks like you deleted the symlink for the drupal core modules directory. I just recreated it in your web directory. Does that solve the problem?

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ok. we are back online. awesome. so that error is no longer fatal, but i am back to beating my head against the screen with calendar/views. i have now uninstalled, reinstalled, etc. but the view: is still displaying old content filtered by its date:created. i have created new test content that is also being displayed according to its date:created, rather than the field_time which i created to sort new calendar content type data.

everything looks fine in the view admin: it should not even be showing content that is not type:calendar entry.

so weird. apparently people have had these issues a bit:
but the solution of un/re-installing didnt work for me, and neither did cache clearing.

hm. any thoughts if i cant get the calendar view to sort content then i am not sure how to move forward. i will keep searching for better answers on


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i got calendar/views working. finally.
still no good image solution, and seems that most of our previously uploaded images will not display despite the fact that i updated the image module. not sure what this means (aside from the fact we will need to recreate all of it).

i lik the look of the image_field module, but cannot get it to work! it uploads (i even downloaded the image_crop, which is cool), but the image will not display in the node. regardless. this looks interesting, but is apparently not D6 compatible. anyways. we (=I) will get to work slowly recreating all our lost event content. in the meantime, if you know of any image solutions or have suggestions for troubleshooting image_field, we would appreciating hearing....

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Gotsta say this is all pretty scary! We don't use any weird modules, and all the content is one of only a few types. Yet we're talking about manually copying all the text, and re-uploading all the images? If this constitutes an "upgrade" to Drupal, how much more work is a new installation? Did we do something wrong on the upgrade, or do people actually accept this as a reasonable upgrade path? Wow!

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reachin out... hopin somethin comes back:

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This really feels like another ticket because we started talking about calendar and now we're talking about images. But I guess we started out with them both.

Images in Drupal are best handled by image_assist. Period. You spoke before about a gallery but what you're describing in the post you made on groups drupal is a graphic embedded into a node. Image assist is *the* way to do this and there is no substitute for it. It's a remarkable module and among Drupal's oldest and most popular.

Image Assist depends on the image module. The installation of these two modules should reveal your images because, if all you did was move over those node, those image codes are still in there.

Have you installed those modules? image assist and image. Do so if you haven't. Even if they aren't what you need, they'll come in mighty handy.

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I just followed up on the Drupal issue: - which might be the best place to have this conversation - with a report back here about how things were resolved.

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