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user login issues from apple mail

Reported by: Jamila Khan Owned by: JaimeV
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Jamila here on behalf of highlander user rosemery.saraipazarevalo

I just worked with her, and she's able to log in to, and, but logging in to IMAP and SMTP via apple mail to is not working. I have triple checked the apple mail settings are the same as mine which are working. Is there something locked or blocked on that account?

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Hi jamila, Can you ask the member tell us what ip number they see when they visit from the same machine and location where the e-mail connection is failing?

It is possible that fail2ban was blocking this connection.

I see that the account in question was previously connecting successfully from ip number

This ip was banned after repeated failed connections. It is possible that another device on the same network is misconfigured and is repeatedly attempting to connect with a bad password or username and triggering the ban. I've just unbanned that ip and if you can confirm this is the same ip they see I can make sure it is added to an allowlist.

comment:3 Changed 10 days ago by Jamila Khan

Thank you! The user reports that it's working now! They said they'd send me the IP soon.

comment:4 Changed 9 days ago by Jamila Khan

Just confirmed with user, that is the correct IP address. Did it get blocked again? are you able to tell what username it's trying to log in with that is failing?


comment:5 Changed 9 days ago by JaimeV

It has not been banned again. Unfortunately it appears that the connections that triggered the ban were connecting with an empty user field so that probably doesn't help you track them down. The repeated failed connections stopped after May 28 when the fail2ban recidive filter triggered the long term ban. The connection with empty user made one last appearance yesterday after the ban was lifted but didn't follow the same pattern of repeated connections.

I'm on the fence about whether to add the ip to an allowlist now.

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