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Joining "Funkwhale" to our servers for hosting our audio content and sharing

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Hello!! We're trying to create an account on this open source plataform: Funkwhale, and in order to do so we need to join an instance or a server, since we have this server, we thought if it could be possible to link out account in funkwhale in our servers? they have some requirment that I'm not sure if we can do it in our servers or if we could have your support to do so:

Requirements to create our own "Pod" Regardless of your chosen installation method, the following requirements must be met in order to successfully deploy Funkwhale:

  1. A dedicated domain or subdomain: it is not possible to deploy Funkwhale on a subdirectory of an existing domain.
  1. Access to ports 80 and/or 443: if you cannot serve the Funkwhale web app and API on these ports, federation will not work.

I've tried to create a subdomain but I've just been turning around in circles, and I don't know if I have access to those ports I wanted to see if we could have your help? to know if is possible? and maybe explain to us how to do it? I know we could use also the service of Icecast, the thing is that with funkwhale we can have multiple playlists, and have a friendly interface to share. Could you please give us some advice on this? Many many thanks!!



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Hi Paulina,

Looking at the requirements in unfortunately it looks like you would not be able to do this on one of our shared servers. You would need your own virtual private server with us in order to install and run the funkwhale application. We ask for an additional monthly dues for a virtual private server in the range of $50-$300 dollars a month depending on the resources you need.

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Thanks Jaime, if I may, what would you recommend to look out for the audios we upload? Because in funkwhale there are public "pods" servers that people puts out to share with everyone, but they are not in our control (if the person decides to close the pod I mean, everything goes with it). Since we already have access to Icecast with your services, I don't know, if you have an advice, it would help us a lot to make the nexts moves. Really appreciate your help and time, thank you!


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What size are the audio files and how would you like to share them? Do you expect them to receive a lot of traffic?

Uploading files via sftp to your website space is always an option. Most modern browsers have no problem loading a url to an audio file directly and some javascript audio players are available.

Also you can upload files to your Nextcloud user account with us and create public share links for those files.

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At this point I was thinking in using icecast and create playlists over there. There are going to be podcasts, and small sports: from 4MB to 30MB maybe, we would like to have an page online with all the playlists of the audios. Do you think that would be possible with icecast? Could you give us access to Icecast? for our audio content?

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Yes I can give you a user , password and mountpoint for icecast however the icecast server itself is only useful for live transmission of audio, not for storage of actual audio files.

What name would you like for the icecast mountpoint something.ogg or something.mp3 ?

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Hello! We've discussed it and we're going for your advice to upload everything in our Nextcloud and insert the links in our website! So thank you! Would you have a tutorial on how to put the links "public"? maybe we can find a wordpress template in which we can make playlists out of the links! (crossed fingers), if you happen to know if this would be possible we would appreciate any advice!

Thank you again for your time and support!

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