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hey y'all,

had a few quick questions about jitsi and related tools.

when you create a meeting on - does it stay around forever, like you can use it as a meeting room for meetings that happen on regular intervals? or do meeting rooms created there get cleared on some kind of schedule?

on the need to know the other week, y'all mentioned that after about 5 or so users, that the reliability of jitsi becomes less stable. is this at all addressed by setting up our own instance of jitsi meet, or would that not make much of a difference?

also, i tried downloading the desktop app and it worked initially but now just shows a dark blue screen, despite un/re installing several times. it looks like from the issues on github this is a problem numerous people are experiencing but not sure if you had any suggestions on troubleshooting that.

thanks so much!

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Hi Ben, sorry for the delay.

So a meeting "room" in jitsi is really just a url, as long as anyone is connected to that url it remains active but once the last person leaves it does't exist per se but will again as soon as someone connects to it.

I'm not sure running your own server will help. We've been talking with a lot of other independent providers who are also runnign Meet.jitsi and the general consensus is that the biggest bottleneck to performance is not on the server itself but in how the clients decide to interact with the server. For example the client will decide what resolution, or multiple resolutions it will send to the server to then be forwarded to other clients. It is the ability of the clients to stay synced that begins to degrade when several people are connected however ths depend son many factors, how much bandwidth each client has, if everyone turns off their video, which browser and what verison they are using etc... Meet.jitsi is based on the WebRTC standard and every browser implements it a little differently. Chrome is the reference browser for the Meet.jitsi developers so using that or the dedicated apps they provide are supposed to give the best results for now.

Apparently there are some tweaks that can be made on the server that will suggest to the client which resolution it should use. We are experimenting with those values but having a large enough group of volunteers on hand to test the results of each change will prove difficult.

I haven't seen the behavior of the blue screen you've mentioned. Do you have a link to the issue on github?

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thanks so much for this, it's helpful.

we've been experimenting with it for smaller 'committee' type meetings and it's been relatively successful so far, though we did notice some lags at points but all in all it was a comparable experience to using zoom. we're going to try it out with a few larger meetings of up to 10 people in the next week or so.

if we can be helpful in any way with some of the testing y'all are doing, even just in terms of getting people on a line at the same time to try things out, please let us know.

i'm mostly just curious but what's the difference between running a meeting with jitsi through and the jitsi site/app itself? partly wondering because i noticed thru the app, you can automatically add a jitsi meeting to an existing calendar event, and i'm quite sure some folks on our staff will set things up that way and was wondering if there was any disadvantage or vulnerability etc if and when someone were to do that.

and here's the link to that issue being discussed on github:

i still haven't been able to get the desktop app to work correctly yet either.

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Hi Ben - the jitsi meet folks have a released a brand new desktop app version ( maybe that will help?

As far as I understand it, the reason the desktop app is good to use is because the jitsi meet server software is not optimized for Firefox. So, if just one person is using firefox, then you can have a shitty experience. The desktop app uses chrome code underneath - so if everyone uses the app, then it goes more smoothly. If everyone uses Chrome it will probably also work well, but we are loathe to tell anyone to switch from firefox to chrome, so we generally recommend using the jisti app instead.

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