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#14464 assigned Bug/Something is broken repeatedly "losing" our password

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Hi: 2 or 3 times recently has "lost" our password. We can get a "change password" link from the site, then put the password back in again, and that works - but then the site "loses" the password again. Any ideas? Thanks.

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That is unusual behavior we have not seen before. Are you the only person using that login or are you sure multiple people aren't making password change attempts accidentally?

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I'm not the only person using that log-in, but I can't see how people can make password changes accidentally. All the other users on that log-in are as puzzled as me.

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Oh so this is happening for more than one user login? I'm assigning to jamie for now to get help tracking these changes in the control panel.

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It's all happening, as far as I know, with the username workersliberty. But different people use that log-in, and different people have discovered on trying to log in that the password has been "lost". Requesting a password change and then restoring the password "works" to regain access.

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At the moment the workersliberty user account has a modification time of: 2019-02-11 09:53:50 (America/New_York)

I presume you have a working password for it now. Would you mind testing to make sure? Please test both:

  • Login to the Control panel ( - this will directly test the password at it's source
  • Try to ssh/sftp to I'm not sure if ssh/sftp is one of the ways you have discovered that the password is lost, but it's worth tracking

Let us know if the password you currently have is working.

Then, the next time it is lost, email before you reset it (if you can wait that long) so we can check the time stamp and try to figure out if it has been properly updated via the control panel and if so we can at least estimate the date/time it happened. That might help us track down what is going on.

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Thanks. Password checked both via control panel and ssh/sftp, and it's fine. We'll email as requested.

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