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Calendar not syncing across devices, event invitations not sent out, calendar doesn't appear up to date to other users

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Hi MayFirst,

I'm having several issues with my NextCloud calendar. I use Thunderbird on OSX to view and manage my calendar on my laptop and I use Etar on my Android phone.

  1. When I create or update an event from Thunderbird, it does not display on the calendar view, nor on my phone through Etar.
  2. When I invite people to an event via Thunderbird, the email is not sent out to invitees.
  3. People subscribed to my calendar do not see new events I add, nor changes I make to a calendar (similar to problem 1).

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Hi clayton, I haven't been using this work flow lately so I'll need to recreate a similar setup to test. I don't have an OSX machine to test with but I'll try using Thunderbird with Lightning plugin.

BTW what version of Thunderbird and Lightning plugin are you using?

comment:2 Changed 2 months ago by Clayton Dewey

I'm running Thunderbird 60.5.0, which has Lightning moved into Thunderbird itself, rather than a separate plugin.


comment:3 Changed 2 months ago by JaimeV

Hey just wanted you to know I'm still working on this. I need to run more tests.

comment:4 Changed 2 months ago by Clayton Dewey

Thanks Jaime.

comment:5 Changed 7 weeks ago by Clayton Dewey

Hi Jaime,

Any update on this?

comment:6 Changed 7 weeks ago by JaimeV

Hi Clayton this is what I've tested/learned so far:

While logged into the May First NextCloud instance at

First go to your personal settings, by clicking on the icon for your user in the top right hand corner of the screen and then clicking Settings in the drop down menu. In your personal settings make sure you assign an e-mail address to your account. This is necessary for e-mail invitations to function.

Now navigate to the calendar app. There you can create a new calendar and see existing calendars listed in the left hand column. If you click on the 3 dots to the right of the calendar name a drop down menu appears. Select "Link" from that drop down and a field opens allowing you to copy the link for sharing this specific calendar.

Then from the Thunderbird interface you can create a new calendar, choose a calendar "On the network", choose the Format: CalDav and then paste the link copied above into the available field. You should choose to disable Offline support for now but you can turn it back on later after testing your initial sync. In the next screen set a name and color for the calendar, choose to Show reminders locally in Thunderbird and associate the calendar with one of your Thunderbird configured e-mail addresses. Here you might notice that the option "Prefer client-side e-mail scheduling" is greyed out. This is important and we'll come back to that.

Once you finish the calendar creation you can attempt to synchronize. A window should open and you will have to enter your MFPL NextCloud username and password in order to connect to the calendar at least the first time. Depending on your Thunderbird password storage settings you might do this everytime you sync.

If you are not prompted for a password, or if you notice a small warning triangle appear to the right of your calendar name there is a problem connecting to the server or with the url you added above. This is why we have turned of "offline support" for now, when it is activated the connection warning does not appear.

If your connection is successful Thunderbird should download any events that already exist on your calendar and at this point you should be able to modify and create new events. When creating a new event it is important to be sure you are creating the event in the correct calendar if you have more than one calendar active.

After creating a new event in the corresponding calendar then synchronize calendars from within Thunderbird again, then return to the NextCloud interface and refresh You should see any changes appear there.

At least in my tests the above process allows me to sync from Thunderbird to NectCloud and back. On my android based device I can sync all the NextCloud calendars to my device using the DAVx CalDav sync adapter. Then I can use the native calendar the view and edit events.

Now about the sending invitation e-mails. Depending on the type of calendar server you are syncing to Thunderbird allows for different options. Apparently some calendar servers are supposed to send event invitations on your behalf and some will allow you to configure Thunderbird to send the invitations directly for you. This is directly related to the "Prefer client-side e-mail scheduling" option we saw greyed out when creating the calendar.

Apparently NextCloud should communicate this "calendar-auto-schedule" capability on first connection. The case here is that Thunderbird is assuming NextCloud will take care of sending those invitations. We will need to do further investigation about why this is not optional when connecting to our NextCloud caldav server. Possibly related bug:

When you create new events you have an option to invite attendees. The process is explained here.

After adding invitees the "Save and close" button of the new event window should change to "Send and close". When pressing this button an invitation will be sent to the Invited attendees list by the NextCloud server itself. As far as I can tell this is the only time e-mail will sent automatically. No e-mails appear to be sent for reminders, "Reminders" you set for an event seem to only correspond to local notifications. However if you edit the event you can choose to send and close again and another e-mail will be sent. In order for the e-mail invitation to work you must have set your e-mail address under your next cloud account as mentioned above.

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Thanks so much. I'll work through the steps you shared and let you know if it works.

comment:8 Changed 5 weeks ago by JaimeV

Great, if you find that these steps are reproducible we can add this to our documentation.

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