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Problems with HTTP redirect errors

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We've been getting HTTP redirect errors that seem to happen several times each day that take the site offline for several minutes on

The error message says something to the effect of the url redirected too many times, try clearing your cookies. It only lasts for several minutes at most, but happens often enough that some have noticed and raised it as a concern. Sometimes, if you refresh the page when that message appears, it displays another error - 521 server offline.

Also, if there is anything to reference to address an HTTP error when uploading images/PDFs on the site and fixing nginx level and .user.ini php settings, that would be helpful as well.

Thanks so much for all your help.

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Ok, for the file uploads I've made sure the nginx caching config matches what is in your .user.ini file and will allow uploading files that are up to 64MB in size.

I am looking fo r anything related to the site redirects. I've used to wp-cli to make sure all of the internal links in your main website direct to the problem could also be related to one of the plugins. This domain is still suing the cloudflare service correct?

I've also just now discovered there are actually 4 wordpress instances in your web folder.

wwnews@erica:~/$ find -name wp-config.php

Are all of these supposed to be active? The HandsOffKorea and j20_not_working instances appear to be broken. The instance in the wwp folder appears to respond to url and I've just made sure that all internal urls there point properly to the https version of the domain.

The extra sites might not have anything to do with the problems you've mentioned above but it is generally less secure to keep more than one single cms in a web folder as a compromise to an single site could affect all of them. These could ideally be broken out into separate hosting order with their own subdomain like and linked to from the main site.

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Sorry to have missed this previously.

We can get rid of the ./HandsOffKorea and ./j20 instances

We are still using Cloudfare for the main site.

We'd like to move the ./wwp site off on it's own, as suggested in the other ticket we have open - will reply more there.

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