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Email Migration

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Hi Jamie, I am wanting to migrate my email to the MFPL server. I have gotten as far as downloading NextCloud Client. How do I change my name on the Control Panel to that of my email's?

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So in our system your user name used for login and authentication is abstracted from e-mail addresses so it doesn't have to be the same as your e-mail. You can create any e-mail for your own domain to deliver to a specific user login name. That throws people off at first but you'll quickly see the advantage as you can create different e-mails configured to deliver to your same user account or configure a single e-mail to deliver to multiple user accounts.

Of course if you would just rather the username be the same you can try and create it however user names are unique across all May First memberships so some user names will already be taken.

Migrating your e-mail is tricky business but you can definitely do this.

A few clarifications about NextCloud: E-mail isn't hosted in our NextCloud server directly and I've never used the NextCloud desktop client to download e-mail but now that you've mentioned it I see that newer versions of the desktop NextCloud client do include an imap e-mail client. It's not connected to our NextCloud server but can download mail directly from our imap servers if configured correctly. Just to reiterate, the NextCloud client lets you download e-mail from an imap server but it doesn't really have anything to do with NextCloud. Using this feature would be akin to using Thunderbird, Outloook, or Mac Mail on the desktop to download your mail.

So whichever e-mail client you choose to use, you will need to configure the client to connect to your specified e-mail servers.

Here is a guide for configuring the e-mail client to connect to our e-mail servers:

Getting that working is an important first step.

Now to do the migration you'll need to create a 2nd account/configuration in your mail client to connect to your current e-mail server. Once that is working and you can see all mail from your current server you can simply select and copy e-mails from the folders of your old -email to the folders of your May First e-mail. You should do this carefully and a little at a time to test. Once your confident it is working you can try copying over larger folders.

I know this method will work for clients like Thunderbird. I have not tested this procedure using the NextCloud client.

If any of the above sounds confusing let me know and I can try and help you through it.

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