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Problem with cache?

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Hi, when using the search function or loading a page with multiple articles and there is more than one page of listings, users cannot proceed to the next pages (i.e. page 2, page 3 and so on). The search function is also intermittently usuable, sometimes it brings up results for the wrong key word. These faults do not replicate when users are signed into the website. Our website developers think the fault(s) are related to the cache used by the server. They asked us to ask you what cache do you use, and can it be disabled. They think disabling the cache will fix the fault. Many thanks!

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We have placed an nginx reverse proxy chache in front of your site. The cache has been tremendously helpful in speeding up your site and reducing load on the server. I would much prefer to find a way to ensure that the cache excludes search results and queries rtaher than turn it off completely. Is that something your website developers would be willing to work with us on?

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Hi, Thanks for that prompt clarification/reminder. We are in the process of drawing up a list of all the work we need to do on the site, so we'll come back to you on this sometime next week. All the best, Cathy

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Hi Jaime (this is ekes logged into the wl account! I'm having a look at what needs cleaning up on their site)

As this is D8 and could do tag based cache invalidation it seems a good impetus for me to look at the purge that if I remember was in a 'enterprise' feature, but still available in an additional debian package. Search API for example has it's own cache tags for search results which could make all this much more efficient.

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Yes, I remember we began investigating this in ticket #12592 We are cuurently running nginx-extras with the nginx-cache-purge module enabled.

Do you have any examples of how we can use this to do tag based cache invalidation?

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Do you have any examples of how we can use this to do tag based cache invalidation?

Urgh! I've dived down the rabbit hole that is nginx cache invalidation strategies other than URL and it's extra plugin hell (like for example).

Otherwise seems it's manually configuring slices, and making sure they are efficient etc. etc.

Well we can configure some invalidation using the and see how far we get. It'll be after other stuff is cleaned up though.

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