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Check on readiness to point domain at Database

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We are interested in pointing our Namecheap domain,, at the database again after that past hacking occurred. We'd like to reopen the website as soon as possible before our promotion. The info page had said we could/should check with you to see if all the "ducks were in a row". Is this the same as a hosting order? We, as always, appreciate any assistance you can give us around this. Thank you for the service.

Also, I have a question about duplicating the site in another database on the server for testing and reconfiguration under alternate themes. As suggested on Drupal, we are also looking to download a copy onto my personal drive. If assistance with these is any part of our membership, we'd appreciate it or any help in finding resources to help us do so. Thank you again.

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Ok, I think this is the follow up to If the site currently up at is working for you, run your updates again just to be sure, then I would go ahead.

You might, in fact, want to create a new hosting order specifically named , duplicate the existing site there and make that the live site, then you can continue experimenting with

How does that sound?

comment:2 Changed 10 months ago by Ukumbwa Sauti

Yes, it is a followup to ticket #13638. I ran all updates I was able to run. I am not finding resources to guide me successfully to a Drupal update to the most recent version 8.5.4 (May First interface only shows Version 7 available in pull down menu) I'll check for any current updates again later tonight, but they were up to date as far as I could get them on 6/15/18.

I created a hosting order, but put in worldances as the user. I did not see any dialog box for making any further specifications about what I wanted May First to do. If I am just supposed to put "" or ".com" which is our actual domain, I can delete the last one and create that new one. I am unsure that May First will know what we need unless they automatically open this ticket when that order is entered.

I am also unclear on duplicating the existing site using the May First interface. Using Filezilla FTP was also unclear as there seemed to be no way to copy and paste the folders and files from worldancestorconcert1 to worldancestorconcert2, a directory I set up recently through FTP. I am fine with using the database/site for testing/experimenting, but again am unclear as to how to do the creation of an adequate hosting order and how to do the duplication of all necessary site data/files/directories to the new database location. I would like to do it with FTP if that is possible or secure as that is the software that I have ownership of/access to. I do not have Drush or C-Panel and no instructions/Drupal site directions or other resources seemed clear enough for me to understand and use.

Please let me know if any of the things we are asking support for are above our "pay grade"/membership services level. We appreciate all you have done to help to date. Thank you.

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Hi sorry if my suggestions made all of this more confusing. You cannot run any updates to the site through the MayFirst member control panel but through the site itself which I think you've already done.

After re-reading your original request I don't think creating a new hosting order is necessary. I'll edit your web configuration now so that it responds to the correct domains and That hosting order will always be named in the control panel because that is how it was originally created but the site will actually respond to the correct domains now. You can examine the web configuration tab in the May First control panel to see what I'm talking about.

You can use Filezilla in sftp mode to download your files by connecting as the worldances user to server/host You'll find your site files under the folder and a nightly backup of your database under the folder.

comment:4 Changed 10 months ago by Ukumbwa Sauti

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I'm sorry if my novice explanations weren't clear. Thank SO MUCH for the assistance and work. It is deeply appreciated. I am glad to know about the backups folder. I'll look into the process of reloading a backup or other file in case of any possible future issues. Would you be able to counsel me on accessing a duplicate, but inactive/not published copy database on our server? We would like that function, though it's not a particular priority this moment. We are happy to be able to reopen our website to our "Global Village" again soon. Again, many thanks.

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