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#13777 new Bug/Something is broken

Too much traffic??

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Any ideas?

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Do you have any reports on the errors they are receiving? I don't see any indication of what the problem could be.

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Also - is it the page that is not working or the petition on the page? The petition seems to be handled by action network - so it might be worth checking in with them.

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The problem was almost certainly traffic. I sent out an email to a large list and the complaints began. I sent out a new email directing them to the petition on Action Network instead of to the petition embedded on our website (where I would have prefered them to go) and the complaints stopped. Action Network had no problems. The errors reported (which I also saw myself) were: Error message ‘failure to connect to data base’

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Thanks - that info is helpful. I checked - and you already have the number of mysql user connections raised from 25 to 75, so raising it more probably won't help.

I just opened a ticket to move your guest to new hardware - let's see if that improves things. It should happen sometime late next week.

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I have vague notion of what that means, but it sounds good -- thanks!

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