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SSL installation - 'Connection not private message'

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Hi our developers have sent the following:

Thanks, Stephen

We have taken a look at the SSL installation and have started the process using letsencrypt (which is the auto option from the dropdown)

Can you please ask MayFirst to advise what needs to be done next as we don't have privileges to complete the next steps of the SSL installation.

The site will show as 'Your connection is not private' to view the site click on the grey text 'ADVANCED' on the bottom left.

If you can ask mayfirst to finish off this process or to supply access privileges so that we can do it!

It's an inconvenience but this needs to be done

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Hi there is a problem creating the LetsEncrypt cert for the site because the main domain is not configured to direct to the ip address of teh website host albizu. This domain is not using the May First nameservers so we cannot enable an effective DNS entry for you. The domains and are configured correctly.

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Hi, I'm not sure if the implications of my response above were clear. We need the whoever has control over the domain name and DNS reords to assign that domain to the correct ip address.

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The problem is that Nick, the person who set up the domain names in the first place didn't, as far as we can find out so far (though we're inquiring further with him), set up He set up and, but he passed those on, and as far as we understand those are correct. Damian, the web developer we've employed recently, says: "The domain name has always directed to the website correctly, but typing it in like has never gone to the site. (This is because it was never set up in the beginning). Mayfirst unfortunately can't help us here as we need the login of where manage the DNS, which is (so they both point to mayfirst). Without this login, we can't do anything". Nick has no record of a log-in. says that was registered in 1998 and updated in November 2017, but both Nick and Damian deny knowledge. We're doing what we can with Nick and Damian, but both disclaim any knowledge. Sorry, but do you have any advice for a workaround?

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Stephen has contacted Tucows and Hover to see if he can find out more about the domain registration for

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It looks like we are getting somewhere.

Which nameservers can we use to point the domain to please.

If we can setup all the below records in your DNS file and then we can change name servers as needed


Stephen Found 7 subdomains Subdomain IP address Actions ?

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Yes, you can use the nameservers and

You can setup all of the DNS records you listed above through the May First control panel before the change so that they are already in place before you change name servers.

You can add,edit, or delete DNS records as needed here:

Let us know if you need help with that.

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Thanks for this.

Is it possible to now finish off installing the SSL certificate (LetsEncrypt).The developers say they have done as much as they can at their end without root access.

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I see you were able to assign the the May First nameservers, great. The only step missing was to recreate the DNS record in the May First control panel. I've just done that for you. In a few minutes once that DNS record becomes active we can try to set your web configuration to auto again and it should be able to create the LetsEncrypt cert automatically.

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Hi, thanks for this.

Could you activate the SSL today, so we get the green padlock showing.

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Yes I can do that for you but just now realizing I goofed and created the australia dns incorrectly. Allow another few minutes to correct.

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I think I've figured out the problem. Our control panel uses the Lets Encrypt certbot software to perform a "dry-run" before creating the actual certificate. The LetsEncrypt staging server is down for maintenance right now causing this process to fail on our end. I think we will have to wait until they are back up to complete the process.

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Ok, should be all set now.. The DNS settings were correct and the Lets Encrypt staging service became available again so I just changed you web configuration use auto and the certs were created. One minor issue is that your wordpress siteurl neds to be updated to use https instead of http.

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