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Move NLG drupal to new hosting order for archiving site

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We are working on deploying a new website for NLG and need to archive the current Drupal site on a new hosting order. How do we move the current from that hosting order to the new hosting hosting order at

It would be simpler if we could get root access to kinoy, is that possible?

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You can use sftp to download the files and upload them to new hosting order and also use phpmyadmin to export your database and reimport into a database in the new hosting order.

Root access isn't required for the above operations but as kinoy is a dedicated server I think we could give you root access. If you still have an updated gpg key the easiest way to give you root there might be through monkeysphere. Copying jamie here.

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We are trying to avoid SFTP and re-import, that's a lot of time.

Root access where we can SSH transfer files would be preferred. Yes, it is a dedicated VPS.

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As jaime said, nlg is welcome to have root. Our only request is that you create a ticket for the actions you take as root so we can all be informed and therefore better maintain the server jointly.

In this regard, though, root shouldn't provide any benefit.

You can always ssh or sftp from one hosting order's user account to another hosting orders user account (even if they are on the same server).

You can always use rsync over ssh to copy the files directly without having to download them to your own computer.

Copying files as root is dangerous and can lead to bad mistakes.

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We are trying to get the site live now and the server load is high, not sure why. So root access would be helpful to reboot as needed. Can you look at that, seems like mysql is down.

Seems like server may not have enough space to hold both production and archive site.

Also moving the drupal site isn't quite working. everything has been moved but not loading. Not sure if there's something specific that needs to get done for Drupal and the shared setup to get it to work.

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I restarted mysql (because it had crashed). The reason it crashed was because it was using more RAM than the guest had available, so the kernel killed it to prevent the guest itself from crashing.

I suspect that the reason mysql was allowed to use that much memory is because of the innodb_buffer_pool_size setting in /etc/mysql/conf.d/kinoy.cnf (set to 1GB).

The file is managed locally.

There is also innodb-buffer-pool-size.cnf - which is managed by puppet - that set the value to 256MB (which is a more reasonable number).

I also see that you are almost out of disk space.

Jaime: can you allocate another 1GB of RAM (to bring the total to 4GB) and additional disk space? That will require a reboot.

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A reboot today is fine, since it's part of timeframe to get new website live.

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Kinoy is now running with 5GB of ram and more space on root, var and home partitions. Let us know if problems continue with mysql.

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So live site seems fine.

I was wondering if you can help with getting to work. We have moved files, but there seems to be a permission issue. And we are not sure how to get that to work.

I had disabled the hosting order on Friday since the site was having so many issues, thought it may help. But the old D7 site loads but no theme and there are some redirects. Thoughts on how we can get this to work?

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I switched kinoy to use php5-fpm instead of mod php so that additional sites can run as their own user. I also cleared the cache for and it appears to be loading without error now. can you take a look at this and the other nlg websites on kinoy and let me know what you think. Several of them appear to be unused or in other bad states. I would suggest disabling anything that is not in use at the moment.

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Do you know why it appear themeless?

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I am not sure why that is happening. You may need to debug drupal itself.

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