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Migrating Existing Site to May First - Name Servers and MediaWiki Install Questions

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We're planning to move two sites (from a non-May First server) to our existing May First hosting ( in the next few months. After reading some of the documentation on your site, I would appreciate your advice as I plan the migration on the following items:

  • changing the name servers to May First
  • installing Mediawiki

In your documentation, it stated that I should check before changing the name servers. I have a general idea how to do this following your documentation and if I remember correctly it takes time to work so I should expect downtime. What else should I be aware of?

I know that it is possible to install MediaWiki through the Control Panel. Is this preferred method of installation? Does this installation also include the visual editor or is it possible to install plugins to this MediaWiki instance?

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If you can access the settings from the current place where your nameservers are set, you can usually try to turn down the TTL settings to the lowest possible value (maybe around 300 to 600 seconds) at least 24 hours advance to actually redirecting the nameservers. This will ensure that any subsequent changes to your DNS records will propagate quickly.

I would highly recommend testing the automated mediawiki install in a new hosting order first. It looks like is currently associated with the same site as which is a drupal install. I would recommend creating a completely new hosting order, you could create and access it using any subdomain of You can test installation of your desired mediawiki plugins there.

Do you need to import existing data into to this new mediawiki site? Do you need help with that? You could use the same hosting order to begin this process and when you are convinced everything is ready begin to change the domain for this site into your desired domain.

Why don't you try to the first two steps I've suggested and get back to me before going forward?

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by Jen Wokaty

Thanks for your response.

How can I get a new hosting order? Does only the main account associated with our current hosting order have the ability to request a new one? I don't see how I can do it in the control panel.

I will be importing existing data into the mediawiki instance but from a twiki installation. If you have done that before, I would appreciate your help. Otherwise, I will follow your suggestions and figure out how to import it.

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Yes only users who have been added to the member access tab in your membership control panel can create new hosting orders. Presently I see only users 4sfc and danb have this access. Your user can also be added to the list by either of those two users.

I have not imported data from twiki but there seems to be some documentation available which is promising

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