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Would it be possible to have a phone conversation with someone to help solve a problem with email on my husband's Mac? For some reason he has two email accounts with the same information (both for neil@…), one IMAC and one POP. We've had some problems lately and I think we need to delete whichever account is extra, but we're not sure which that is. We don't even know why there are the two separate accounts, so we need help :-)

Thanks, and I hope to hear from someone soon. I'll send phone number if you let me know a private way to do that. Linda

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Linda, imap and pop are two different protocols to fetch your mail from our servers. Both are valid but work differently and using them simultaneously can cause problems. I would suggest eliminating the local account with pop access, as most people prefer imap nowadays which syncronizes your local mail folders with the server everytime you login.

I don't have an easy way to call you. Let me know if you are not able to proceed and we'll figure something out.


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Thank you, Jaime! I was going to eliminate the POP account, but I got a warning message about how it would eliminate all associated data and that concerned me. Is there a problem there? Neil has a LOT of emails that he doesn't want to lose.

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Just to be on the safe side I would suggest using Mac Mail's "archive" function to copy those old mails to a local archive on your mac before eliminating the account. If anything goes wrong you can copy the old mails from the arcive to the imap account or just keep them in the archive.

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Thank you. I guess that's what we'll need to do since you recommend it.

Thanks! Hope all is well - and Hi to Alfredo. Linda

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