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cannot send emails from horde

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I am unable to send emails from horde. When I try, I get a message that says: There was an error sending your message. Address has no domain. It happens when forwarding a message as well as with a new message. I have a complete and valid address entered in the To: field that receives emails fine from my gmail, but that's about as far as I can troubleshoot this on my own.

I use outlook at work and have no problems, but occasionally need to check and send emails from home where my browser is Mozilla Firefox and OS is Ubuntu 14.10

I have also had other intermittant problems with Roundcube and Horde that I am unable to recreate today. 1) In Roundcube, my inbox often appears sorted by Subject: when it opens and when I try to sort it by Date: it tells me it is unable to connect to the server. I get that same message when I try to search for an email by Sender. 2) In Horde, I can usually sort my inbox fine, but when I try to search by sender I get the unable to connect to server issues.

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i think the firts problem sending e-mail form horde might be related to a problem with the way your identity profile is set up in horde. Can you try following these instructions and see if that helps?

Regarding the Roundcube and Horde osrting and disconnection errors, we think thos emight be related to the number of mails in your inbox. With your permission, can we move all but the last 2000 mails into a new folder to see if that helps?

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Success! I was able to send an email after following the linked instructions. Thank you.

As for the sorting and disconnection errors, how embarassing that it is due to me being an email hoarder. Please move the emails to a new folder, with my permission, if you think that will help. I will try to keep a tidier inbox from now on. Thank you!

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Ok, I've just moved all but the last 1000 messages from your inbox to a new folder titled .inbox-archive.2016-02-25

Can you experiment with the roundcube interface and let us know if this helps resolve those disconnection issues you were experiencing?

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I was able to sort and search on Roundcube with no issues. As I mentioned, this has been an intermittent problem and I wasn't actually able to recreate it when I made the original ticket. So, it's not happening now, but it's hard to know if it will come back. I think we can consider it resolved and then I could start a new ticket if it ever happened again.

I cannot figure out how to access the archive folder of the other emails, though. The most I could find was that the folder existed in the folder preferences menu of Roundcube. But I couldn't find the folder or its contents on either Roundcube or Horde.

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Hi Laura,

In Roundcube, you have to "subscribe" to the folder. When you found the folder in Roundcube - did you put a check mark in the checkbox? That should subscribe you, then you should see the folder.

Once you subscribe in roundcube, you should also see it in Horde. Alternatively, you can subscribe in Horde by clicking "Folder Actions" from the left hand sidebar and clicking "Show all folders". Then, right click on the folder you want and select "subscribe."


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