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can't access mx3

Reported by: Jamie McClelland Owned by: Jamie McClelland
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I tried via ssh and it times out. I tried via the virtual guest console and the password we have for root/mx3 doesn't work.

Erq: are you able to access this server??

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no Jamie, I'm not able to access it, i wonder if ssh service is down, while other services remain working. For example,

should we restart the the host server?

comment:3 Changed 4 years ago by JaimeV

I do get a response from ssh server on mx3 however it does not allow me to login.

0 jaimev@mayday:~$ ssh
-------------------- Monkeysphere warning -------------------
Monkeysphere found OpenPGP keys for this hostname, but none had full validity.
Could not retrieve RSA host key from
Keys found with less than marginal validity: 1
Run the following command for more info about the found keys:
gpg --check-sigs --list-options show-uid-validity =ssh://
-------------------- ssh continues below --------------------

The password for mx3 listed in keyringer is rejected.

Also its gpg key does not appear to be signed by any of the admins.

0 jaimev@mayday:~$ gpg --check-sigs --list-options show-uid-validity =ssh://
pub   2048R/0xC577899539C36898 2011-12-13
      Key fingerprint = DC6B EE42 0A41 C8EA 77C5  E231 C577 8995 39C3 6898
uid                 [ unknown] ssh://
sig!3        0xC577899539C36898 2011-12-13  ssh://

comment:4 Changed 4 years ago by JaimeV

I changed root password for mx3 by first logging into malaka and shutting down runit process for mx3. Then I followed jamie's instructions

14:00 < jamie> i would suggest ensuring you have proper console access (as ssh
14:00 < jamie> then, stop the grub process
14:00 < jamie> edit the grub kernel line, adding init=/bin/bash
14:00 < jamie> then, grub will launch the server and immediately drop you into a bash shell
14:01 < jamie> the root partition will be read-only, but you can change that with:
14:01 < jamie> mount -oremount,rw /
14:01 < jamie> then run:
14:01 < jamie> passwd
14:01 < jamie> to update the password
14:01 < jamie> then, re-mount: mount -oremount,ro /

And finally "shutdown -r now"

Restart runit process and was able to access root login through screen console session. I updated puppet with new remotes for allende and pulled in latest changes, noticing that changes had not been received since Sep 2014.

freepuppet-run complained about an error in mx3.pp that appeared to be a typo. Fixed that , pushed ot origin, pulled in changes to mx3 again and freepuppet-run finished without errors.

I then ran freepuppet-helper shgk:mx3 locally since monkeysphere sill compained about host guest key validity. I can now ssh into mx3.

I was never able to properly run freepuppet-helper srgk:mx3 to sign the root key though.

comment:5 Changed 4 years ago by JaimeV

Resolution: fixed
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