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Can you take a look at why some of the emails just stopped working. It seems the emails are created via ssh and not in the control panel. They have not been received email for 4 days at


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I don't think we (MFPL support team) have direct access to where their domain directs but I was able to telnet to on port 25 and get a response from postfix so it doesn't seem to be a routing issue to their server. Let's get jamie to suggest other means of investigating from our end.


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Yes - that's correct. theyesmen email isn't handled on an MF/PL controlled server. I used to have access to (where I think the email is hosted) but I don't seem to have access).

Andy had a volunteer helping out with server admin for a while.

If you want to add my key ( i could try and take a look.

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Hey Jamie, could you explain how I can add your key to the server? I remember there was a URL that explained it, but I can't remember now.... I'd also like to add Michael's, assuming he has one, so that he can get in and do emergency stuff when needed, too. Thanks!

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Hey Andy - you can add the following:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDiGm0ZoC/lgBDfyeRKcciXQWsJ/odB3zOS/8YMpTCMy8bPbRIZwNvOlIh6EG17bWzAKfMKoivY9QncXjtUeFBq4lDqxuxe2UU29Pwux01jdU+QOZ73M65/hVMFYEkV5qJAc8yf2WNq9vX472eIE6rQlo4DmtNJnuGvoQpF51ZV3uZUqc9QmT9+Vwg3RaOChKzTG3beE+SCJkrMxsMq0jhAT4BR1Xoknyo20Gmr3F7l84Un7U5YwFTRHNKs32nXv0Yhfdd7qhxZLyB4gQx+pVq/0kYCyjzhb2AZmmtLcAs7Btop045k1fbjmOkxnWDqw8XX+AAaNsNn85a8GZU1GcRn MonkeySphere2014-01-08T14:39:16 James McClelland <>

To the file /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

And that should do the trick.

Here's the full copy/paste-able command to run as root:

echo 'ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDiGm0ZoC/lgBDfyeRKcciXQWsJ/odB3zOS/8YMpTCMy8bPbRIZwNvOlIh6EG17bWzAKfMKoivY9QncXjtUeFBq4lDqxuxe2UU29Pwux01jdU+QOZ73M65/hVMFYEkV5qJAc8yf2WNq9vX472eIE6rQlo4DmtNJnuGvoQpF51ZV3uZUqc9QmT9+Vwg3RaOChKzTG3beE+SCJkrMxsMq0jhAT4BR1Xoknyo20Gmr3F7l84Un7U5YwFTRHNKs32nXv0Yhfdd7qhxZLyB4gQx+pVq/0kYCyjzhb2AZmmtLcAs7Btop045k1fbjmOkxnWDqw8XX+AAaNsNn85a8GZU1GcRn MonkeySphere2014-01-08T14:39:16 James McClelland <>' >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys


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