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SPAM Issue

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Hello , we have a client that is getting 12-20 messages each day marked SPAM in the subject of the Mayfirst mailbox. Looking over their preferences, we went to mail > preferences> spam reporting and selected Create Mailbox with instructions to send the marked emails there. However, each time we save it, it then switches the Create New Mailbox choice back to none, which means the spam messages are still sitting in the Inbox. Could someone advise the proper settings? Support

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Hi I believe you are referring to configuring spam filtering from within the the horde web mail client. Is that correct? Can you confirm that you are also following the exact steps outlined in this faq I just want to be sure we are referring to the same thing.


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hello, we changed the settings and set up the folder as you suggested but they are still getting junk email with SPAM in the subject line. Is there any way to just set up a key word search to direct those to trash or the spam folder so the client doesn't see them at all?

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Hi, can you tell me again whether you are using or to view your e-mails? Sorry, I need to be sure.

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Hi Jamie, it is the first one,

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So yes, you can add a new filter that will detect the keyword SPAM in the subject line and filter to any folder of your choice. You will begin creating a new filter following the same instructions as before but choosing different options. Your new filter options might look something like this. In this example my chosen folder for spam is titled "Junk" but yours may be different.

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Hello, we configured the settings above and also played with the settings in the mail preferences to make sure they go into the SPAM folder but nothing seems to work. Each time we send the client an email with the word SPAM in the subject line it still displays in their inbox. Maybe we have one of the settings marked incorrectly?

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I have two questions about this.

Selecting Mail -> Filters form then menu should take you to thee main filters screen. If you choose teh button "Apply filters" from this screen is there any change.

My second question is about the messages with SPAM in the subject line. Our mail system does not normally identify spam this way. I am curious as to who or what is qualifying this mail as SPAM. Are you possibly forwarding mail to your mayfirst account from another account that has identified this mail as SPAM ? Are you using any other e-mail client other than HORDE to check this same account?

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Clicking apply filters seemed to clear them from the Inbox. I believe we set it to do this each time logging in at

Will that filter it it automatically?

The messages are all marked *SPAM* in the subject line.

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That is my understanding. Has that worked as expected for you?

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Hello, sy but we need to reopen it. Apparently they are now accessing their emails through Roundcube. the instructions above worked for horde. Is there something similar for Roundcube? They are getting about 10 -15 messages a day , 80% appear to be marked SPAM in the subject line. Sry for the mix-up, could you please advise. Support

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Unfortunately I don't think we have a way to do this yet in Roundcube. We are working on adding sieve support for Roundcube which will allow you to do better filtering for mail we identify as Spam. You can follow this progress in ticket:10692 Hopefully we'll have this ready soon.

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Hi, coming back to this again. Can you tell me which accounts were/are experiencing this problem? I see you have hosting orders spread across different servers. We are now in the process of moving servers from courier to dovecot and I'd like be able to tell you when your affected accounts can expect that upgrade.


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Ok, can you clarify if this is the abuse of profile form snippets you mentioned at on the spam emails on the client site using roundcube referenced in this thread. User is We were able to set an adequate filter on horde but you had mentioned that something similar for Roundcube was still in development (?) Either way, that client receive about 30 unfiltered SPAM msgs in their inbox each day and is frustrated by it. Is the server move you mention here related? Could you also pls let us know what we will need to do on our end...thanks! Support

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I am not sure if the spam you describe in this thread is related o ticket:10791. I would need to see an example of the SPAM messages you are referring to. I see your users receiving e-mail vía the are on primary host jones. We will advise you when is slated to be upgraded to the dovecot software.

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Just trying to set the filter for subject line SPAM to direct to Junk and we get the attached msg "Unable to Connect to Server" is there no way to do it in Roundcube? There are anywhere from 20-30 SPAM msgs arriving in their inboxes each day.

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The filters you can configure from within roundcube are related to sieve as described here.

These will not be available until we have migrated your host to dovecot at which point we will enable sieve rules that will automatically move messages marked as SPAM to the Spam folder.

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Just so we understand - all sites on jones are moving to dovecot or does this move just impact the mx records on jones? or all sites? will there be loss of functionality on any non php 5.32 compliant (?) web sites on Jones as there may be a few stragglers still not live on Pauline. please advise.

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The main e-mail server for jones will be migrated, affecting all e-mail users on jones. There should be no interference with php versions or php dependent sites.

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Thanks Jamie. Is there any thing we need to instruct our clients who use Jones for email regarding the move? Or will their service be interrupted in some way? Could you please advise what we need to do for the migration. thank you. Doug

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They shouldn't need to do anything and service will only be interrupted momentarily. We are probably still a week or two away from getting to jones but I will send out a service advisory when it is time. Jaime

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Jones was successfully transitioned to dovecot about a week ago. Have you experienced any improvement regarding the amount of spam that appears directly in your inbox?

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No news is good news (we hope)! Given the lack of feedback, we think this ticket can be closed.

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