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Upgrading Drush on June, Installing Composer

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Hey all,

I use drush a lot for scripting database dumps and module installs.

I just tried the drush sql-dump command and I got:

Jeremiahs-MBP: jeremy$ drush sql-sync @freshstopprod @freshstoploc
You will destroy data in freshstop and replace with data from
Do you really want to continue? (y/n): y
Starting to dump database on Source.                                                                                                                                   [ok]
ini_set('memory_limit', '1012');
//$options['self-update'] = FALSE;
Database dump saved to /home/members/jeremyjohn/sites/     [success]
The Drush sql-dump command did not report the path to the dump file produced.  Try upgrading the version of Drush you are using on the source machine.                 [error]
Jeremiahs-MBP: jeremy$

Ok, cool, I can install drush and put it in my path. Kind of a pain though, because I'm working on multiple sites on various MF servers and my db sync scripts no longer work.

So I install. But the new drush also requires Composer, and Composer will be a requirement for Drupal 8.

Ok, cool, I can put that in my path too.

But it would be coolest if y'all updated drush and installed composer.

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Let's get jamie to comment on this.

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Do you know what version is required for this functionality to work?

I see that drush in Debian wheezy is at version 5.4 and Debian jessie (current stable version) is at 5.10 (see the drush debian page). And the current stable release of drush seems to be 6.6.

I think during the drush 6 release, the drush developers started requiring composer, which will download needed components from the Internet. That runs counter to Debian packaging practices.

You could install composer yourself and then use composer to install a newer version of drush as a non-privileged user, at least until we can figure out how to get a more recent version available system-wide.

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Hey Jamie, Yes, I could download composer and drush in my user directories for each of my projects. I've already started doing that.

Probably drush sql-sync requires 6x, 5x is getting long in the tooth. I think you should be on the latest stable of drush rather than relying on debian packaging for Drush, which is very outdated. If you're using Pear you can probably do it that way, you might even be able to use Composer to keep it up to date.

Here's a little bit more about Composer:

Composer, in this case, fetches PHP libraries... which are not necessarily managed by Debian anyways. But could be used to fetch any other dependencies. Drush is sort of the exception, being a php-based cli utility. Mostly composer is used to to fetch PHP libraries... which you can think about like Drupal modules.

For instance, using Drush to fetch Drupal modules (drush dl modulename) may or may not run counter to Debian packaging practices, but is useful nonetheless.

Composer will be in Drupal 8 core, so you'll have a chance to think about it further when D8 is released.


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From the Drush documentation it looks like Drush 7 is actually the stable version.

I've also run into the need to upgrade drush on malcolm, since for some reason malcolm is still running drush 4.5! I'm going to try to install composer and then install drush myself, but a systemwide update to Drush 6 or higher would be very welcome!

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I just fixed drush on malcolm - now we're running drush 5 (which is still far behind drush 7 but better than 4.5).

I've also written an email to the drush maintainer for debian to see what his plans are for the future of drush.

I suspect it's a tricky situation since drush now wants to be installed using composer which downloads dependencies automatically and I think there are a lot more dependencies (so all dependencies would need to be added to debian first).

I agree that we need to do something - but I fear that relying on debian packaging for drush might not be possible.

I also want to note that this is the same issue with wp-cli (see #9855).

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The package maintainer reported that he is not actively maintaining it anymore :(. So I think we will have to figure out a way to get it maintained in debian or figure out a different way to maintain it ourselves. On the bright note - he pointed out that composer has made it into debian (which was a blocking point before).

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We could use composer to keep Drush up to date, it's how the Drush maintainers intend it:

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Superseded by #11691 (and drush is now upgraded to version 8 on buffy and will be on all moshes soon).

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