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webmail should allow non-javascript spell check

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The link to service advisories on your support page is not working?

I think it was after using the spell check in email that a lot of random stuff was added to my email? please see below:

Notes from 339 History production meeting 5/20/2008

Please excuse and send correction for any names that are spelled incorrectly. Proposal: meet again on Thursday June 5 at 6pm@PTTV

General Production ideas: Short 10-20 minutes- used for fundraising and to put on internet to raise awareness. Tell story of AJ <span index="10" name="incorrect" class="incorrect">Muste</span>- to root building in history of peace and social justice movement Tell story of building how and why acquired-raid on old WRL office need for ownership. Tell story of 40 year history as a nyc, national and international center for peace and social justice work and meeting place for leaders in the movement Landmark building Tell story of neighborhood now- change from derelict neighborhood to center of consumer excess and capitalist consumption. Building as a statement of visual resistance-importance of prominent location. Plans for future of building as a sustainable home for many more generations of peace and social justice work Potential of building to expand 2 more floors and become model green building renovation. Building as part of a visable, viable and sustainable social justice movement.

3 core interviews David and Bernice- history <span index="27" name="incorrect" class="incorrect">Frida</span>- today, the movement and future

short interview with antidotes and supplemental information:

Murry AJ <span index="10" name="incorrect" class="incorrect">Muste</span> ED Peter Prochia- vietnam vet saw sign in window and came into WRL Allen Reich- met council on housing- was around at Beekman location, has been a part of peace movement for long time

Other possible interviews: Karl Bissinger Judith Patternack John Miller Dan Berigan

Short interviews with current tenants to give flavor of building. Molly at WLPF

Segments on Famous People who have come to peace pentagon Ed Asner Martin Sheen David Deliger Grace Paley Ralph Dia Vera Williams Abby Hoffman? Patti Smith called? Noam Chomsky? Others- need to grow this list

Segment on important events and actions planned at peace pentagon March on Washington Peace march across country Guantanamo march? Virgina will ask Ruth and Ed- need to grow this list Voices in the wilderness 9/11 when crisis people think of coming to 339

Extras Dorothy Day -founder of catholic worker- quote about being rooted in having own building. Press contact Clyde Huberman at <span index="24" name="incorrect" class="incorrect">NYTimes</span>- interviewed about building Nat Hentoff- writes for voice and wrote a book on AJ <span index="10" name="incorrect" class="incorrect">Muste</span> Articles from <span index="24" name="incorrect" class="incorrect">NYTimes</span>, Friends Journal, Plan fundraising event for premiere with "famous" speakers.

To do by June 1 Virgina speak with David for ideas ask ruth about videos and Karl Bissinger find contact for Grace Paley's daughter ask Ruth and Ed about events planned at 339

Melissa contact Abby Scher about coming here after 911 and suggesting need for non-violence training Contact past tenants for images and names of famous people that came through their office.

Mia Will got to AJ <span index="10" name="incorrect" class="incorrect">Muste</span> and WRL to start gathering historical information and images

Maria contact Berenice, <span index="27" name="incorrect" class="incorrect">Frida</span> and David to set up interview times develop interview questions- with mia digitize videos from AJ <span index="10" name="incorrect" class="incorrect">Muste</span> write up a general project description to share at June 4 meeting and post on websites.

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The link to service advisories on your support page is not working?

Thanks for the heads up. The link on the main support page to our service advisories was broken. I just fixed it.

I think it was after using the spell check in email that a lot of random stuff was added to my email? please see below:

I just tried the webmail spell check and it works for me, but I think I see how it might not be working for you.

The way it's supposed to work is that:

  • You click spell check.
  • Your message composition window enters "spell check" mode, which means that all mis-spelled words become red. You can click on a misspelled word and you get a drop down list of correct spellings. You can select a correct spelling, and the color of the word changes to green.
  • When you are done, click Resume editing.
  • If you hit send without hitting resume editing, it transforms your message back to editing mode (fixing the spelling changes you specified) and then send.

I think that for some reason your browser is not able to display the fancy red/green high lighting.

I'm going to change the name of this issue to: allow non-java script spell check in webmail.

I think our system should work for people even if their browsers don't fully understand how to deal with the fancy java script.

Thanks for reporting this!

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What web browser were you using when you had this problem with the spellcheck?

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See duplicate ticket #1327.

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We're doing ticket clean up. I'm assuming this is closed, but if this is still an issues, please reopen it.

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