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Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#14311 5 days broken web site new
#14259 16 hours Mudar sitio Web anterior a servidor Mayfirst assigned
#14316 4 days website down new
#14068 6 days Website not working assigned

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Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#14332 11 hours Another user account is stuck in pending-update new
#13424 3 days Discussion on Installing Cryptpad, End To End Encrypted replacement for etherpad new
#14305 17 hours Horde is down assigned
#14320 4 days Mark email as Not Spam and automatically move to Inbox new
#14327 36 hours problema para ver la página y crear entradasq assigned

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Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#14321 3 days decommission wolf assigned
#14333 10 hours guidelines for using or installing CiviCRM new
#14261 2 days manage disk i/o problems assigned
#14315 5 days Max number of email addresses in one email? assigned
#14314 3 days Memory usage for user on gaspar assigned
#14331 12 hours nextcloud 14 assigned
#14323 2 days Problems with HTTP redirect errors new
#14328 38 hours Promote VPS service new
#14297 4 days replace GNU Social and develop stronger social media strategy new
#14312 3 days resource contention and upgrades on juanita assigned
#14326 36 hours Resource spikes and cron jobs new
#14307 5 days Symlinks for new sites not created on daza assigned
#14325 2 days Very confused about the control panel assigned
#14309 2 days Write access to create a new database and user and docroot and drush fix assigned
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