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Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#13956 5 days Puedo actualizar a Drupal 7 a Drupal 8? assigned
#13965 3 days replace disk in clr assigned

Priority: High (5 matches)

Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#13970 14 hours is down -- error HTTP 500 assigned
#13972 12 hours is offline assigned
#13975 14 hours Pending Update - Can't Login assigned
#13424 40 hours Discussion on Installing Cryptpad, End To End Encrypted replacement for etherpad new
#13966 41 hours XMPP y Conversations: imagenes? acceso a traves de Tor? new

Priority: Medium (13 matches)

Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#12659 18 hours errors en xmpp assigned
#13483 3 days convert mosh x509 certificates to letsencrypt assigned
#13671 22 hours Nextcloud/Collabora limitation assigned
#13853 13 hours upgrade all servers to stretch assigned
#13886 22 hours develop network of mysql servers backed by solid state drives available over the network to any MOSH assigned
#13948 4 days create dedicated mosh for highlander and move hosting order assigned
#13953 5 days ¿Es posible acceder al servidor por medio de una llave SSH? assigned
#13958 4 days moodle para cimac assigned
#13962 35 hours Solicitud de certificado de seguridad assigned
#13968 39 hours Apache monitoring and restarting assigned
#13969 37 hours Email issues assigned

Priority: Low (2 matches)

Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#13957 4 days Creating new vms from pre-installed images assigned
#13959 41 hours Install wiki.js as an internal wiki for our org? assigned
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