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Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#14035 16 hours Chron setup for civicrm. assigned
#14162 16 hours Can't backup site assigned
#1423 4 days Get a hit count for our website? assigned
#14157 4 days website down assigned

Priority: High (9 matches)

Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#14159 4 days Disable assigned
#14168 33 minutes not able to access email in my MacMail after logic board replaced new
#14160 4 days Nuevo sitio assigned
#13481 5 days on albizu is down assigned
#14158 19 hours LetsEncrypt certificate is not auto-renewing assigned
#14143 7 days Need suggestions (or fix) for Inode limit on Elizabeth assigned

Priority: Medium (15 matches)

Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#14161 4 days FCGI Error new
#14154 5 days Domain migration inside Mayfirst assigned
#14151 4 days Install apache solr at mumia assigned
#14134 6 days nginx proxy on moshes new
#14111 4 days re-organize file systems so membership and domains are not part of any paths assigned
#14146 6 days update red to prevent users from setting memory_limit to more than 512M assigned
#14156 5 days retire freeswitch and mexcla and paul assigned
#14124 7 days mailman footer not showing in outlook assigned
#14163 20 hours Django assigned
#14149 7 days from non mfpl site assigned
#14152 7 days Apertura de cuenta de correo new

Priority: Low (1 match)

Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#13959 5 days Install wiki.js as an internal wiki for our org? assigned
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