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#9914 5 years worksforme File Cache Drupal (7) Module: is it authorized on members sites?
#7949 5 years duplicate I deleted the user I was logged in with the members control panel, makes a persistent whitepage in the browser
#8176 5 years duplicate Permanent application process
#10327 4 years duplicate Encoding problem with new postgres DB on ossie
#8271 3 years wontfix America/Montreal not present in TZ list to choose from in MF-Drupal 7 installation on chelsea
#5580 3 years fixed provide alternate fastcgi implementation option for persistent daemons
#7746 3 years fixed Some debian packages I'd love to use on
#7841 5 years fixed I need two PostGres databases on chelsea
#7948 3 years fixed Hard error in deleting a user
#7954 5 years fixed Lost access to Hosting Order Area
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